HIV Australia 2020

Find on this page commissioned articles, audio interviews, and editorials about the latest in HIV, from both a local and global perspective.


COVID-19 could undermine gains in HIV prevention and sexual-health care

Recent reports have proposed that the COVID-19 pandemic may create an opportunity to make serious inroads into the virtual elimination of HIV in certain countries, however, the pandemic is also exposing inequities in access to HIV prevention and sexual-health care – which consequently are placing people at greater rather than less risk.

When reality does not live up to expectations: Anticipating when to stop PrEP

For AIDS2020 we reviewed qualitative data (based on a total of 101 in-depth interviews with 59 participants conducted between 2014 and 2018) from Australia to see what people said about stopping PrEP).

COVID-19, sex and PrEP

Studies from several different countries conducted over the last few months have shown how gay men have changed their sexual behaviour as a result of COVID-19.

How to have history in an epidemic

Reflecting on current discussions about COVID-19 within the HIV and LGBTQ community health sectors it’s difficult not to reflect back on the early days of the HIV epidemic, and two works in particular.


Briefing: BBVs and STIs and COVID-19 – Thursday 19 March – noon – 1pm.

Briefing: BBVs and STIs and COVID-19 – Thursday 19 March – noon – 1pm.