Media Release: position statements Media Release 10 December 2015

Today,, the sexual health peer network for trans men who have sex with men (trans MSM), has released two key position statements on PrEP and data collection.

Aram Hosie, Chair of said, ‘With announcements on 1 December about the EPIC-NSW trial and PrEP clinical guidelines in VIC, and ongoing discussions and advocacy on the best and most appropriate way to count trans people, we felt it was timely to provide guidance to the HIV and sexual health sectors, and research communities.

‘These position statements outline the what, why and how we believe access to PrEP and the collection of data should and can be facilitated. It is crucial that this guidance comes from trans MSM ourselves as, due to a lack of local and stand-alone empirical evidence, is the best advisory body for the sexual health needs of trans men who have sex with men.’

Ted Cook of went on to say, ‘Trans MSM have been excluded from participating in all clinical trials of PrEP globally, we believe due to the limited amount of specific empirical evidence about trans men and HIV risk, and a mistaken view that gay, bi and queer trans men are at less risk of acquiring HIV compared to cis men.

‘ seeks to makes it clear that many trans MSM are having receptive sex with gay and bi men and the evidence base, albeit limited, shows that condomless sex with male partners including in casual encounters through hook-up apps, at beats, sex on premises venues, and at parties is real, is happening and needs to be considered in the HIV response.’

Laurie Hopkins of continued, ‘Being counted properly is a basic human right and the data collection position statement provides clear examples of best practice approaches to correctly collecting demographic data about all people, regardless of their gender history and experience or body diversity.

‘Trans MSM require meaningful inclusion in all elements of healthcare and has provided a straight forward way for service providers and researchers to engage with this at-risk group.’

Rob Lake, CEO of AFAO commended the efforts of to date, ‘We are seeing a groundswell of support for and a movement toward accurate and appropriate meaningful inclusion of trans MSM.

‘We (AFAO) see this community as a priority population within the MSM frame and are committed to ensuring grass roots community groups like continue to have a voice in the HIV prevention and broader sexual health space.’


Position statement on PrEP

Position statement on data collection 

The Peer Advocacy Network for the Sexual Health of Trans Masculinities ( is an autonomous working group of AFAO.

The mission of is to address the sexual health needs of transgender men who are gay, bisexual or queer (trans men who have sex with other men: trans MSM).


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