Ending HIV Campaign – 3 December 2015

On World AIDS Day 2015, ACON launched a fresh new chapter of their ENDING HIV platform called Test Often to address barriers to HIV testing among gay and other homosexually active men (MSM).

The campaign uses real people and their stories, and reflects a clear commitment to diversity. Among a broad range of ages, body types and cultural identities, there is one person standing out as a ground breaker. Ruben.

Ruben is a trans man, a trans man who has sex with men (trans MSM). For Ruben to be included in this NSW state-wide campaign and featured on billboards, across social media and other online spaces, bus stops and in print media is history making.

Ending HIV Campaign Billboards

It is essential that HIV prevention and testing messages targeting MSM also reach trans men who have sex with men and PASH.tm encourages ACON, other HIV community organisations and state Departments of Health to continue to show leadership and be courageous in approaches to include trans MSM. This includes making trans inclusion clear in campaign collateral.

Aram Hosie, PASH.tm Chair said, “We acknowledge this incredible first step and look forward to further iterations of this and other campaigns making it easier and clearer for trans men who have sex with men to see themselves. The broad definition of ‘men who have sex with men’ (MSM) does and should always include trans MSM.

‘Our voices, our bodies and our stories need to be included in this dialogue if we are going to end HIV. If we are not heard or seen, we will be left behind.’

PASH.tm recognise the powerful statement Ruben is making for the health and wellbeing of his community. We recognise Ruben is standing proud by sharing his story so that other trans MSM will connect with it, reflect on their own sexual health and prioritise regular testing.

Thank you for the inclusion, ACON. Thank you, Ruben for being a change maker.

Ruben, we see you.

Find out moreĀ at: www.endinghiv.org.au/ruben

Download this media release as a pdf.

The Peer Advocacy Network for the Sexual Health of Trans Masculinities (PASH.tm) is an autonomous working group of AFAO.

The mission of PASH.tm is to address the sexual health needs of gay, bisexual and queer transgender men (trans men who have sex with other men: trans MSM).

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