Strengthening Kapul Champions

Strengthening Kapul Champions

AFAO played a key role in the development of Kapul Champions, the national network for men of diverse sexualities and transgender people in PNG.

Established in December 2011, and launched in November 2012 by the Minster for Health, the Honourable Michael Malabag, the network advocates for the rights and access to services of men of diverse sexualities and transgender people in PNG and engages in national HIV policies and programs.

AFAO supported the organisational development, governance and strategic planning of Kapul Champions.

Kapul Champions has initiated a range of community development activities, including community forums, health promotion campaigns (including the Walk With Me, Together we are PNG and Live Your Life campaigns), as well as media workshops, legal literacy training and policy engagement (notably submitting to the UN Universal Periodic Review for PNG, which focused on human rights and the need to remove sections of the criminal code on sexual relations between consenting adults of the same sex, and the need for gender recognition for transgender people in PNG)

Funding for AFAO’s support to Kapul Champions ended in 2015, with Australian government funding to the network continuing through in-country partners.