Community Advocacy Initiative (CAI)

From 2008–2015, AFAO and APCASO partnered to implement the Community Advocacy Initiative (CAI) funded by the Australian Government through the Regional HIV/AIDS Capacity Building Programme.

CAI aimed to strengthen the policy and advocacy capacity of HIV community-based organisations in Cambodia, China, Laos, and Vietnam.

An evaluation of CAI noted the importance of AFAO’s support in achieving concrete results and strong progress toward CAI’s goals. It states:

“AFAO’s peer relationship provided [APCASO] with solid and consistent support at a critical time’. The report noted ‘AFAO’s role was often ‘behind the scenes’ – with profile-raising opportunities (such as at the Regional and International AIDS Conferences) predominantly given to APCASO.”

CAI has developed a strong model for future initiatives that address capacity building, advocacy and financing in the Asia and the Pacific.