Community Advocacy Initiative (CAI)

From 2008–2015, AFAO and APCASO partnered to jointly implement the Community Advocacy Initiative (CAI) funded by the Australian government through the Regional HIV/AIDS Capacity Building Programme.

CAI aimed to strengthen the policy and advocacy capacity of HIV community based organisations in program countries across Asia. From 2012, the initiative particularly focused on aspects of HIV financing in Cambodia, China, Laos, and Vietnam.

An evaluation of CAI noted the importance of AFAO’s support in achieving concrete results and strong progress toward CAI’s goals. It states:

‘AFAO’s peer relationship provided [APCASO] with solid and consistent support at a critical time’. The report noted ‘AFAO’s role was often ‘behind the scenes’ – with profile-raising opportunities (such as at the Regional and International AIDS Conferences) predominantly given to APCASO’.

CAI has developed a strong model for future initiatives that addresses capacity building, advocacy and financing in the Asia and the Pacific.


CAI-IF Evaluation Report