Workforce IconWorkforce: Community Workforce


To strengthen the community-led response through targeted workforce development that incorporates knowledge transfer and skill development.


  • The workforce is the engine-room for the community-led response and is dispersed across Australia’s eight states and territories, and diverse populations and different modalities (including community education workshops, social marketing campaigns, outreach and community mobilisation);
  • This workforce is highly skilled and specialist and relies on the HIV sector to provide access to ongoing, role-relevant workforce development;
  • The organisations that employ the community workforce are by their nature constrained, particularly in the smaller jurisdictions, in developing the knowledge and skills of their employees in the highly-specialised aspects of their work. Consequently, new staff are often required to ‘hit the ground running’ with limited induction and have only periodic access to skill development that is deeply relevant to their work responsibilities;
  • As such, national workforce development has the greatest potential to reach critical mass and to support cross-facilitation and skill development across workers located across Australia.


  • Fund a biennial National HIV Health Promotion Conference, bringing together the diverse community workforces from across Australia. This conference would provide a regular opportunity to bring networks together to distribute current knowledge, including knowledge on HIV epidemiological, social and behavioural research and knowledge on international best practice HIV health promotion, as well as practical skill development on strategies to achieve behaviour change and measure outcomes;
  • This National Conference would be complemented by on-line training and regular networking among practitioners, including webinars on more specialised aspects of HIV prevention, testing and treatment work with key populations, dissemination of current research, and peer support for the translation of critical advances in prevention science into health promotion/education practice.


A highly skilled workforce will deliver world class HIV prevention, testing and treatment education initiatives.


Over time, investment in the workforce will result in more impactful prevention, testing and treatment activity and ultimately contribute to a reduction in new infections and an increase in testing and uptake of treatment.


$250,000 per annum