HIV Blueprint

HIV Blueprint

The AFAO Blueprint describes the additional effort and investment required to resource community organisations, research institutes and the community and clinical workforce to end HIV transmission in Australia. The AFAO Blueprint can be downloaded here.

The Background Briefings provide greater detail about the programming that will support community organisations, researchers and the community and clinical workforce to end HIV transmission in Australia. Each briefing addresses the efforts in the AFAO Blueprint to end HIV transmission in Australia.

To download AFAO’s media release in relation to the launch of the AFAO Blueprint, click here.

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Australia can end HIV transmission

A powerful combination of new science and decades of experience means Australia can lead the world and end the HIV epidemic.

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Community, research and medicine – working together

With additional resources and effort, national leadership can end HIV transmission, driving excellence in prevention, testing and treatment.

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Lifting the burden of disease

Australia can champion models of early HIV diagnosis and linkage to high quality prevention, treatment and care.

Each averted HIV transmission saves the cost of HIV treatment and is a life free from HIV stigma.

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Ending HIV transmission in Australia

This blueprint describes the additional effort and investment needed across community organisations, research and the clinical workforce to end HIV transmission.

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  Community-led efforts

Develop backbone resources

Strengthen the national HIV response through prevention, testing and treatment campaigns, supports for peer based organisations to conduct education and community outreach, guidance to allied workforces, planning and service re-development

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$10m pa across communities

Specialised programs for hidden populations

Develop specialised programs to engage with ‘hidden’ populations at risk of being left behind, including people with unsuspected HIV, late HIV presenters and those not being treated

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$3m pa


Stigma and discrimination

Challenge stigma and discrimination through targeted communication

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$400k pa

Safe sex and Australian travellers

Implement a communications and media strategy to promote safe sex and encourage testing among Australians traveling overseas

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$400k pa


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Plan and implement an improved and sustained response to HIV and STIs among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

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$15m pa

The time of frontline educators is precious. Many community HIV organisations have only one or two educators working across a range of populations for an entire jurisdiction. To ensure messaging is consistent, and to support frontline workers, backbone resources need to be developed nationally for local implementation. For example, every educator should have access to materials for an information session on HIV self-testing. This includes presentations, Q&A, handouts, session outlines etc. If these materials are developed nationally, educators can spend their time working with clients, not needlessly researching and developing materials.


HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Implement a positive recommendation from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis without delay

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As per PBAC advice

HIV self-testing

Register a HIV self-test on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods

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Rapid HIV testing

Seek a sponsor and provide MBS listing for rapid HIV testing

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As per Medical Services Advisory Committee advice


Community Workforce

Improve community workforce skills and knowledge through specialised training, a bi-annual conference and support for new employees

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$250k pa

Clinical Workforce

Provide HIV and wider clinical workforce training and support, including through periodic clinical networking and leadership activities

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$350k pa

Involvement of people with HIV and affected communities

Meaningfully involve people with HIV and affected communities in all levels of the response

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  Data, research & evaluation

Unlock access to big data

Unlock access to big data (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medicare Benefits Schedule), including through linkage to existing HIV datasets, while maintaining strict protections for individual’s privacy

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HIV Surveillance

Further strengthen and support high quality and timely HIV surveillance and annual community-based behavioural surveillance from every and state and territory

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$400k pa

Fund implementation research

Fund implementation research that is integrated fully with the planning and delivery of national community programs

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$1.5m pa


Evaluation of programs

Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of national and local programs to guide adjustments as needed.

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$1.2m pa

How this works

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Community Engagement:
Increased awareness of new technologies powered by peer-based education and health promotion

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Tools and Technology:
Equitable and affordable access to evidence-based measures such as PrEP, self-testing and the Needle and Syringe Program

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Community education and action:
Nationally coordinated programs, implemented locally

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Health outcomes:
Substantial reduction in HIV transmission, including sustained low rates of HIV among people who use drugs and sex workers, reduced public health expenditure, improved health and wellbeing among key populations

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Consensus for action