Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Consultancy on Baseline Evaluation for SHIFT program

Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Consultancy on ‘Baseline Evaluation for Global Fund Regional Grant on Sustainable HIV Financing in Transition (SHIFT)’

 The Australian Federation of AIDS Organizations (AFAO) is the national federation for the community response to HIV in Australia. It provides leadership, coordination and support to the country’s policy, advocacy and health promotion on HIV. AFAO’s International Program is based in Bangkok and contributes to the development of effective policy and programmatic responses, particularly in Asia Pacific. It has supported community-based responses to HIV across the region for over two decades.

AFAO is the Principal Recipient of the regional Global Fund program focusing on HIV financing, specifically domestic financing, for Key Populations and communities and transition among Middle-income Countries from international donor funding. The program works in four countries in South East Asia, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. The objectives of the program are:

  • Objective 1: By the end of 2018, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in four transition countries effectively advocate for allocative efficiency, domestic spending on HIV, and increased fiscal space for CSO HIV programs by promoting greater political commitment, innovative streams of funding, CSO funding mechanisms and integration of HIV under universal health coverage (UHC).
  • Objective 2: By the end of 2018, strengthen technical expertise and skills of CSOs in four transition countries to advocate for allocative efficiency, increased domestic spending on HIV, and increased fiscal space for CSO HIV programs.
  • Objective 3: By the end of 2018, increase CSO access to and use of strategic information on HIV financing issues, including allocative efficiency, innovative CSO funding mechanism, and best practices for countries in transition via the regional Knowledge Management Hub.

AFAO seeks the technical support of a program evaluation expert for the baseline evaluation of the program. The consultant will be contracted for a maximum of 25 days from 14 April to 9 June 2017. Please see the related TOR for more details on the assignment. For more information, please contact Jenny Xia at

Please submit your EOI, CV to Jenny Xia at before 11:59pm (GMT+7), 11 April 2017.


AFAO has welcome the Queensland government to make HIV pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) available through an expanded state-wide PrEP  demonstration project.

PrEP is the use of HIV medication by HIV-negative people to prevent HIV acquisition. The QPrEPd trial will provide free access to PrEP for 2,000 people at high risk of HIV. Funding for the expanded PrEP trial was initially announced by Queensland Health Minister Cameron Dick in April 2016. Today’s confirmation of $6 million worth of funding over four years means that the trial can now begin enrolling participants.

Twenty trial sites have been registered, including sexual health services, general practices and community based organisations in twelve Hospital and Health Services (HHS) across Queensland.

The Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) will play a crucial role in the Demonstration Project through the provision of targeted messaging to people  at risk of HIV through peer education, social media and existing social networks across Queensland.

“Clinic 30, Brisbane’s LGBTI clinic is ready to go with this project, and already this morning the first patients for this project have attended appointments to get on PrEP. We expect to see 500 people through Clinic 30 to access PrEP, and already have over 350 on our waitlist for the four year project,” explained QuAC Executive Director Michael Scott.

Heath Paynter, Deputy CEO of AFAO, applauded the Queensland Health Minister’s announcement.“Queensland joins Victoria and New South Wales in having a large-scale PrEP demonstration study for individuals at risk of HIV. AFAO acknowledges the important contribution of our member organisation, Queensland AIDS Council, who is a community partner on the QPrEPd trial,” Heath Paynter said.

“This is another fantastic endorsement of this highly effective HIV prevention strategy”, Heath Paynter said. However, making PrEP accessible across Australia remains an urgent priority.”

“It is vital that PrEP is accessible through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). This is the only way we can ensure that PrEP is widely accessible and affordable right across the country.

“Until PrEP is listed on the PBS access in Australia will remain inequitable, and many people who need it will miss out. The outcome being that individuals in Australia will continue to needlessly acquire HIV.”

Further info

AFAO media release (7 November 2016)

QuAC media release (7 November 2016)

Queensland Government media release (7 November 2016) 


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