The Australian Links page provides links to national organisations, state/territory-based HIV-related services and groups.

National Organisations

A variety of useful links including national research centres, peak bodies for sex workers, injecting and illicit drug users and people with HIV, the websites of related organisations, consumer groups, and sites for HIV positive people. Australian-based international development agencies are listed in the ‘International links’ section of this website.

State and Territory Organisations

Links to AIDS Councils, people with HIV, sex worker and injecting and illicit drug user organisations and other groups in your state or territory. These organisations can provide information and resources and can also refer you to local HIV groups, HIV testing clinics etc. Many of these groups welcome volunteer assistance.

Asia and the Pacific Links

The Asia and the Pacific Links page you will find links to key organisations and services within the Asia and Pacific region.

International Links

The International Links page provides links to to key international organisations and websites focusing on a range of HIV & AIDS issues.



While every effort has been made to link to reputable sites containing up to date and accurate information about HIV & AIDS, the provision of links to external sites does not constitute endorsement by AFAO.