Corporate Policies

Corporate Policies

AFAO has a suite of corporate policies.

Code of Conduct Policy

AFAO values and expects the honest, professional and ethical behaviour from its staff and volunteers, contractors, consultants and suppliers. This policy sets out AFAO’s Code of Conduct.

Feedback and Complaints Policy

AFAO values feedback and complaints and recognises these as an essential part of our quality assurance and accountability to members, partners, stakeholders and donors. This policy sets out AFAO’s approach to feedback and complaints from members, partners including Sub-Recipients, external stakeholders and the community.

Non-activity Development Policy

This policy requires that AFAO and its partners clearly distinguish their development and humanitarian objectives and activities from non-development objectives and activities.

Partnership Policy

This policy sets out the values and guiding principles for AFAO’s formal and informal partnerships, agreements and collaborations. The policy guides mutually respectful partnerships and enables the participation of primary stakeholders in AFAO’s activities.

Pharmaceutical Industry Sponsorship Policy

This policy sets out AFAO’s arrangements for agreements and sponsorships with the pharmaceutical industry.

Privacy Policy

This document sets out AFAO’s policy in relation to the protection of personal information, as under the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) (the “Act”) and the Australian Privacy Principles (“APP”). The APPs regulate the handling of personal information. While the Act and Principles are Australian, they are applied by AFAO across its Australian and international operations.