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Health Promotion

The development and national implementation of HIV and STI prevention and health promotion programs is a key area of AFAO's work.

This work is carried out by the AFAO Health Promotion Program (AHPP) in consultation and cooperation with the AFAO membership.

Our work includes:

  • social marketing and social media campaigns
  • print and web-based resources and information
  • developing and delivering capacity-building activities for the Australian HIV health promotion sector, and
  • providing national coordination and strategies for the effective development, implementation and evaluation of HIV health promotion initiatives

Current focus 

In 2015 our work focused on the following areas:

  • Policy: HIV testing, PrEP, and young gay men 
  • Campaigns and resources: New and updated health promotion resources for people with HIV and gay men. Topics included treatments, new diagnosis, alcohol and drug use and mental health, and positive women
  • Training and capacity building: A national workshop on HIV health promotion for young gay men and support for the trans MSM network,

In 2016 we will maintain our focus on PrEP, rapid testing, young gay men and trans MSM. We will also host the National Gay Men's HIV Health Promotion Conference in April.

Watch this space for further info about new campaigns.


Our principles

The Health Promotion Program upholds the principles of a community-based response to HIV, through which gay men and other men who have sex with men, Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people, and people living with HIV work collaboratively and in partnership with their communities to build effective, sustainable and appropriate responses to the HIV epidemic.

Our health promotion work aims to strengthen populations, communities and individuals so that they can enjoy health, well-being and a good quality of life as a way for achieving their potential in other parts of their lives.

AFAO adheres to the following principles of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion:

  • building healthy public policy
  • creating supportive environments
  • strengthening community action
  • developing personal skills, and
  • reorienting health services

Our work also addresses the underlying social determinants of health through lobbying, advocacy, and sound policy development. 



As a matter of sound health promotion practice and a key principle and commitment to continuously reflect upon and improve the quality of our health promotion work, AFAO sub-contracts an external consultant to carry out an independent evaluation of a selection of key program components on an annual basis.

The key purposes of evaluation are to:

  • Build a documented evidence-base that allows staff to critically examine our effectiveness in reaching key aims and objectives of health promotion projects
  • Provide and build evidence that assists AFAO in its planning processes and provides guidance on how best to refine, improve and adjust our targeted interventions as necessary
  • Provide documentary evidence that will give AFAO and its members the ability to engage in reflective practices when developing and delivering of our health promotion and capacity building work, and
  • Inform the Commonwealth Department of Health (AFAO’s key funder) of the scope, reach and impact of the work produced by AHPP.

Download Evaluation Report 

Staff also provide practical support and guidance to the staff of AFAO’s member organisations in collecting evaluation data, through the development of project implementation plans for key AHPP campaigns and resources, and by providing regular training on evaluation theory and practice.



For more information about the program, please contact the AHPP Manager, Simon Donohoe




This page was published on 12 January, 2011

This page was reviewed on 8 December 2015