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Global Fund raises $12.9B to fight HIV, TB and Malaria

At the the Global Fund's Fifth Replenishment meeting, donors pledged over US$12.9 billion for the next three years, demonstrating extraordinary global commitment toward ending the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

The United States led the pledging with US$4.3 billion, approximately one-third of total funding. The United Kingdom pledged £1.1 billion, the second-largest pledge for this replenishment period; France pledged €1.08 billion, maintaining their position as the second-largest donor to the Global Fund overall. Canada, the host country, increased its pledge by 23%,pledging $804 million CAD. 

Australia pledged $220,000, representing a 10% increase on our previous commitment. 

The Replenishment Conference raised nearly $1 billion more than the previous conference in 2013, with many new partners pledging for the first time. Pledges from private donors and innovative financing initiatives more than doubled, reaching US$250 million for the coming three years.

Several low- and middle-income countries that are significantly increasing their investments in health also pledged contributions to the Global Fund, to benefit the broader work to end the epidemics globally, including Kenya's pledge of US$5 million.

The amount raised will save 8 million lives, avert 300 million infections, and help build resilient and sustainable systems for health.

The conference is only the beginning of a three-year replenishment period, and the Global Fund will actively work to gain further contributions in the coming months and years, with strong advocacy by civil society and partners worldwide.

Welcoming Australia's increased pledge, AFAO CEO Darryl O'Donnell said:

“Australia’s commitment of $220 million over three years shows we’re unwilling to leave others behind in the global HIV response. It builds on our own domestic success of providing access to HIV prevention and treatment to save lives,” said Darryl O’Donnell, CEO of AFAO.

AFAO is commented to addressing regional HIV epidemics of HIV through its International program. In May, AFAO announced that its proposed SHIFT program had successfully reached grant-making phase with the Global Fund. 

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This page was published on 20 September, 2016