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Your Body Blueprint for HIV and healthy living

'Your Body Blueprint', a new campaign for people living with HIV has just been launched by AFAO.

Based around an interactive website, the campaign is designed to encourage and support people living with HIV to lead healthier lives, reduce the risk of illness, and enhance their quality of life.

Despite antiretroviral treatments enabling many people with HIV to approach HIV as a manageable chronic disease, various other conditions (such as those related to cardiovascular, liver, kidney and bone health, amongst others) continue to challenge their health and complicate their management of both HIV and the other conditions.

The campaign aims to let people living with HIV know it's never too early to take control of their health, and to assist them in identifying simple strategies for reducing their risk of developing some of these other conditions.

AFAO President, Willie Rowe, points out why this campaign is needed. 'By addressing these other health issues, people living with HIV can help prevent these conditions and make significant improvements to their ongoing health and well-being.'

Robert Mitchell, President of the National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) also commends the campaign for highlighting these issues faced by many people living with HIV.

'Ensuring people living with HIV are aware of these issues is vitally important. This campaign provides this information in a way for people to easily find the information they want, and gives practical ideas for improving their health.'

The 'Your Body Blueprint' website - - provides information on these other health issues and tips for reducing the risk of getting them, along with other important information and tips for healthy living with HIV and links to other key sources of information.

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This page was published on 17 April, 2013