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New drug & alcohol information website for LGBTI communities

TouchBase, a national website providing information on alcohol and drug use as well as mental health and sexual health for LGBTI communities, was launched today.

The website is an initiative of the Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) and the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF), in partnership with AFAO, to address high rates of alcohol and drug use in these communities through a targeted and destigmatising approach.

The website is a comprehensive resource assisting LGBTI people to better manage their own health and wellbeing.

LGBTI people have specific experiences when it comes to alcohol and drug use, mental health and sexual health, and TouchBase acknowledges that not everyone’s needs are the same.

For example, the website contains information about how specific drugs interact with HIV medication, or for some gender diverse or intersex people, with hormones.

TouchBase also looks at the ways drug use can impact mental health for LGBTI people, and the specific roles drug use can play in how LGBTI people have sex.

Read more in the AFAO, VAC, and ADF Joint Media Release 

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This page was published on 24 November, 2015