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News Archive

This section archives news items more than one year old. 

Peer support underpins HIV response in PNG

AFAO's recent submission to DFAT advocates for renewed support for peer organisations in PNG and their Australian partners.

Published : 14/03/2016

AIVL farewells Annie Madden, welcomes Craig Cooper

Annie Madden leaves AIVL after 16 years as Executive Officer; Craig Cooper appointed as interim EO.

Published : 10/03/2016

You me & HIV: the serodiscordant couples study

The You Me & HIV study findings will help inform health promotion for serodiscordant couples.

Published : 07/03/2016

HIV prevention news from CROI 2016

Promising results from trials of biomedical HIV prevention strategies, including PrEP, vaginal rings, and rectal microbicides, were presented at CROI 2016.

Published : 29/02/2016

Treatments & health news from CROI 2016

Researchers presented promising news on a range of HIV-related health conditions at the recent Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2016).

Published : 26/02/2016
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Greens call for expediated federal action on PrEP

Following news that a TGA decision on PrEP is not anticipated before May, pressure continues to mount for federal action to remove barriers to PrEP access.

Published : 12/02/2016
AFAO logo

AFAO welcomes new Executive Director

AFAO is pleased to announce the appointment of Darryl O’Donnell as Executive Director, who has been appointed to replace current Executive Director Rob Lake until the end of December 2016, when a national and international Executive recruitment will take place.

Published : 09/02/2016

New campaign: Get PEP

AFAO's new nation-wide 'Get PEP' campaign aims to increase gay men's knowledge and awareness of PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis).

Published : 08/02/2016
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

PrEPX study announced in Victoria

The Victorian Government has announced PrEPX, a study providing PrEP access for up to 2,600 people; QuAC calls for similar action in Qld.

Published : 02/02/2016

HIV health promotion and young gay men

AFAO's new resource for HIV educators addresses young gay men's HIV risk and health promotion needs.

Published : 16/12/2015
AFAO logo

Expanded options for PrEP access in NSW and Vic, amid calls for federal action

On World AIDS Day 2015 new measures were announced to increase PrEP access in NSW and Victoria ahead of TGA approval, including expansion of the NSW PrEP trial from 300 to 3,700 places.

Published : 01/12/2015
Illustration of a row of flowers

New resource for positive women

The internationally esteemed Treat Yourself Right resource for HIV-positive women has had a makeover!

Published : 30/11/2015

UNAIDS report: We are on track to end HIV/AIDS

The number of people worldwide on HIV treatment has doubled in the past five years as countries adopt the UNAIDS Fast-Track Strategy, according to the UNAIDS World AIDS Day Report.

Published : 25/11/2015

New drug & alcohol information website for LGBTI communities

TouchBase, a national website providing information on alcohol and drug use as well as mental health and sexual health for LGBTI communities, was launched today.

Published : 24/11/2015

Study indicates importance of ‘safety agreements’

Results from Monopoly survey show relatively low levels of discussion of HIV risk between men in regular partnerships, but high levels of awareness of primary partners’ HIV status.

Published : 16/11/2015

Sustaining the Human Rights Response to HIV

A new report from UNAIDS clearly demonstrates the pressing need for increased funding of key affected populations and civil society organisations to continue driving the human rights response to HIV.

Published : 28/10/2015

Next steps

The latest edition of the Next steps booklet for people recently diagnosed with HIV is now available.

Published : 14/10/2015
Bearded man

PrEPARE 2015 finds gay and bisexual men more willing to use PrEP

Willingness to use HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) has increased among gay and bisexual men according to a findings of the PrEPARE project.

Published : 02/10/2015

New WHO Guideline on HIV says: ‘treat all’

New WHO recommendations, if implemented effectively, could help avert more than 21 million HIV-related deaths and 28 million new HIV infections by 2030.

Published : 01/10/2015

HIV health promotion in CALD communities

A new AFAO resource lists over 70 health promotion programs and resources that have been developed to address HIV issues with CALD communities.

Published : 01/10/2015
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

NSW: changes to co-payments benefit PLHIV

The cost of antiretroviral therapy will fall for people with HIV in NSW when the State Government starts covering cost of co-payments for s100 drugs from 1 October 2015.

Published : 29/09/2015
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Treatment now recommended for all people with HIV

Based on the results from two large trials - START and TEMPRANO - the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM) Sub-Committee for Guidance on HIV Management in Australia strongly recommends that all people with HIV, regardless of their viral load or CD4 count, consider starting HIV treatment.

Published : 21/09/2015
AFAO logo

AFAO: More action is needed to reduce HIV infections by 2020

New figures released by the Kirby Institute 2015 Annual Surveillance Report show that HIV diagnoses in Australia have remained stable over the past three years; however, AFAO says more action is needed reduce HIV infections in Australia by 2020.

Published : 16/09/2015
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Record high for HIV treatments uptake

Latest research shows 83.5% of HIV-positive gay men are on antiretroviral treatment.

Published : 14/09/2015

New website: HIV tests & treatments

HIV Tests & Treatments, previously a print resource, has been revised, updated and relaunched as a website.

Published : 05/08/2015

UN goals for 2030 include an end to HIV

Ending the HIV epidemic by 2030 is one of the proposed targets for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be formally adopted in September.

Published : 04/08/2015

Meeting the global targets

The AIDS targets of Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 6—halting and reversing the spread of HIV—have been achieved and exceeded, according to a new UNAIDS report.

Published : 03/08/2015

Sydney Gay Periodic Survey bolsters argument for PrEP access

The latest Gay Periodic Survey highlights successes in HIV treatment and prevention among gay men in NSW, and underscores the need to improve gay and bisexual men’s access to PrEP).

Published : 31/07/2015
AFAO logo

Call for videos and posters - AFAO community and advocacy hub

AFAO is hosting a Community and Advocacy Hub at the 2015 Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference and is calling for video works and posters for display.

Published : 30/07/2015

Launch: Key sex work advocacy documents

Key sex work policy documents and reports from Scarlet Alliance, the Australian Sex Workers Association, and the Pacific Sex Worker Network were launched in Sydney on 25 June. 

Published : 30/06/2015
Woman in white coat with stethoscope

Australian-first: online 'gay-friendly' training for GPs

A new online learning module (OLM) can help General Practitioners (GPs) and practice nurses who wish to be more ‘gay friendly’ in their practice.

Published : 24/06/2015

Early treatment acceptable, stigma still a barrier to HIV testing

Increased comfort with the concept of early treatment, satisfaction with rapid testing options, and the continued adverse effects of stigma are among the findings of the latest HIV Seroconversion Study.

Published : 15/06/2015

HIV prevalence among people who inject drugs remains low

The transmission of HIV related to injecting drug use has been efficiently contained, according to a 20 year report released today by the Kirby Institute.

Published : 15/06/2015
red ribbon

Vale Alan Brotherton: 9 July 1963 - 12 June 2015

The Boards and staff of ACON and AFAO mourn the passing of Alan Brotherton, one of Australia’s leading HIV, LGBTI health and social justice advocates.

Published : 12/06/2015
Attractive young white man checking his smartphone.

Survey suggests HIV testing be prioritised in Tasmania

Tasmanian gay men participated in the national Gay Community Periodic Surveys for the first time in 2014.

Published : 09/06/2015
red ribbon

Phil Carswell receives Order of Australia

AFAO congratulates Mr Phillip James Carswell on being awarded an Order of Australia for service to community health, particularly for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Published : 09/06/2015

HIV testing and treatment on the rise in Melbourne

The 2015 Melbourne Gay Community Periodic Survey indicates that 73% of survey participants tested for HIV in the past 12 months and 92% of HIV-positive participants are on treatment.

Published : 02/06/2015

HIV groups welcome repeal of section 19A

Living Positive Victoria and the Victorian AIDS Council have welcomed the passage of the Crimes Amendment (Repeal of Section 19A) Act 2015 by the Victorian Parliament.

Published : 28/05/2015

Groundbreaking evidence about early HIV treatment

A major international study has been stopped ahead of schedule after providing conclusive evidence that early HIV treatment has major health benefits for people with HIV.

Published : 28/05/2015

Welcome to the new AFAO President

Dr Bridget Haire has been appointed President by the AFAO Board following the resignation of AFAO President, Willie Rowe, to take up a position with the WA Government.

Published : 21/05/2015

Federal Budget 2015-2016

AFAO has published a briefing paper to provide an overview of HIV/BBV related domestic health measures in the federal budget.

Published : 13/05/2015
red ribbon

New agreements finalised for South Australian HIV services

Contracts for HIV services in South Australia have been finalised with three new HIV programs to commence on 1 July 2015.

Published : 07/05/2015
AFAO logo

Congratulations & farewell to Willie Rowe

Congratulations to Willie Rowe, who has resigned from his position as AFAO President to take on a new role as WA Premier Colin Barnett's chief of staff.

Published : 06/05/2015

Workshop: health promotion and young gay men

Plans are being finalised for a workshop that aims to identify best practice HIV health promotion strategies for addressing the needs of young gay men.

Published : 05/05/2015
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

PBAC recommends new hep C treatments for PBS

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) has recommended that three new hepatitis C treatments be listed on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS).

Published : 27/04/2015
Attractive young white man checking his smartphone.

Mixed results from the Adelaide Gay Periodic survey

Researchers report mixed results from the 2014 Adelaide Gay Community Periodic Survey, with a higher number of people living with HIV now on treatment, but an apparent decline in testing rates.

Published : 27/04/2015

AFAO welcomes

AFAO welcomes the launch of a new autonomous network for trans men: (Peer Advocacy network for the Sexual Health of Trans Masculinities).

Published : 22/04/2015

ASHM clarifies community dispensing arrangements for HIV medications

ASHM has received advice that a prescription written on or after 1 July 2015 will be required in order to access HIV medications from community pharmacies. 

Published : 21/04/2015

Repeal of HIV-specific Victorian laws announced

Victoria will no longer be the only state with laws that specifically criminalise HIV, after the Victorian government's announcement today of the introduction of legislation to repeal section 19A.

Published : 14/04/2015
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Drug resistance shown to be low risk in PrEP study

The risk of developing drug resistance to HIV medication for people who acquire HIV while taking PrEP is low, says a study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Published : 13/04/2015

New once-daily drug now on PBS

People living with HIV in Australia now have access to a new single tablet treatment option: Triumeq.

Published : 01/04/2015
Attractive young white man checking his smartphone.

Queensland Periodic Survey suggests need for PrEP

The latest Queensland Gay Community Periodic Survey finds high levels of HIV testing but also high levels of casual sex without condoms.

Published : 27/04/2015
Interlocking blue and green circles

Zero HIV transmissions so far in Opposites Attract study

HIV-positive gay men who are on treatment and have an undetectable viral load are not transmitting the virus to their partners, two years into the Opposites Attract study.

Published : 26/02/2015
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Good news on PrEP for gay men

The UK PROUD study and the French and Canadian IPERGAY study have reported 86% reductions in risk of HIV infection among participants using PrEP.

Published : 25/02/2015

Update on PrEP for HIV Clinicians

Australian commentary on guidelines for the use of PrEP for HIV prevention has been approved by the ASHM HIV Clinical Sub-Committee.

Published : 18/02/2015
Spiral image

Welcome to new Anwernekenhe Chair

Community advocate Neville Fazulla has been elected as Chair of the Anwernekenhe National HIV Alliance (ANA).

Published : 10/02/2015
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Fear and stigma primary drivers of poor adherence in VOICE PrEP study

Final results of the VOICE trial indicate that women in the study who used tenofovir gel had lower risk of contracting HIV. The low levels of adherence in the study highlight the pervasive nature of HIV stigma, and the need for more effective and sensitive methods of study design.

Published : 10/02/2015

New resource on HIV prevention

Taking a Look is a booklet for gay and bisexual men produced by AFAO that aims to increase health literacy in relation to HIV.

Published : 09/02/2015
United Nations logo

Commitment to end HIV in the Asia-Pacific by 2030

At the UN Asia-Pacific Intergovernmental Meeting on HIV and AIDS in Bangkok, 30 countries from the region pledged to accelerate the pace of change and committed to ending the HIV epidemic in the region by 2030.

Published : 30/01/2015
Woman in white coat with stethoscope

Concern over Medicare changes and the fight against HIV

Changes to Medicare and GP payments to be introduced this year could have an impact on the fight against HIV.

Published : 15/01/2015
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

PrEP study launches in NSW

The PrELUDE Study (NSW pre-exposure prophylaxis – PrEP – Demonstration Project) will examine people’s experiences taking the antiretroviral (ARV) treatment Truvada® as an HIV prevention strategy.

Published : 28/11/2014
The bottom line: gay men, HPV & anal cancer

The Bottom Line: HPV, gay men & anal cancer

AFAO has just launched a new nation-wide campaign for gay men and other men who have sex with men on HPV (human papillomavirus) and anal cancer, called “The Bottom Line”.

Published : 07/11/2014
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Overseas trials offer further support for PrEP

Two overseas trials investigating HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) have made announcements two weeks apart, each indicating that PrEP is highly effective at preventing HIV among gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM).

Published : 04/11/2014
Oraquick HIV rapid test.

Expert Panel to Review Medicines and Medical Devices Regulation

The Australian Government has announced an independent review of the ways in which the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates medicines and medical devices.

Published : 28/10/2014

Us Mob and HIV

A new resource aims to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s health literacy in relation to HIV.

Published : 14/10/2014

New reports highlight need for action on Hepatitis C, STIs

Estimated deaths from hepatitis C related liver disease have more than doubled since 2003, according to the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia Annual Surveillance Report.

Published : 18/09/2014

New resource addresses faith, stigma and HIV

A new resource from AFAO aims to encourage greater participation of religious leaders and members of faith-based communities in Australia’s HIV response.

Published : 02/09/2014
Faces of two young gay men in close embrace

New research: Gay and bisexual men and hepatitis C

Preliminary results from a national online Hepatitis C (HCV) study indicate that gay and bisexual men in Australia are becoming more aware of hepatitis C infection.

Published : 13/08/2014

Government commits to strengthening Australia's HIV response at AIDS 2014

The government announced important strategic commitments about Australia's ongoing domestic and international HIV response, coinciding with the AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne.

Published : 07/08/2014

G'day Networking Zone program now online

The AFAO G'day! Welcome to Australia Networking Zone program and film festival program is now available online.

Published : 17/07/2014
red ribbon

Working Together, Stronger Together - Mobilisation March

The Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) and Victorian Trades Hall Council are facilitating the Working Together, Stronger Together - AIDS 2014 Mobilisation March on Tuesday 22 July 2014.

Published : 17/07/2014

New discussion paper: HIV testing

AFAO has released a new discussion paper: 'HIV testing among gay men and other men who have sex with men'.

Published : 15/07/2014

HIV organisations call for reform of Victoria’s criminal laws

Victoria’s criminal laws must be reformed if the state is to achieve the goal of eliminating HIV transmissions by 2020, the Victorian AIDS Council and Living Positive Victoria have said.

Published : 09/07/2014


The new 'Time to Test' campaign encourages gay men to get tested for HIV more frequently.

Published : 08/07/2014
red ribbon

7th HIV Strategy: Target to end new HIV infections by 2020

AFAO has welcomed the launch of the 7th National HIV Strategy by Health Minister the Hon. Peter Dutton today, particularly its commitment to improve access to HIV testing and treatment.

Published : 07/07/2014

Our Team kicks off

AFAO’s health promotion program has launched a website as the latest phase in the OUR TEAM campaign.

Published : 01/07/2014

Call for submissions: G'day Networking Zone

AFAO is calling for activity proposals for the 'G'day: welcome to Australia!' Networking Zone, in the Global Village at AIDS 2014.

Published : 28/05/2014
Test More

Increased testing rates catch more new HIV infections in NSW

A 7% increase in the number of HIV tests performed in NSW in the first three months of 2014 has resulted in an increased number of people being diagnosed in the early stage of HIV infections.

Published : 28/05/2014

AIDS 2014 – G’day networking zone: call for video submissions

AFAO invites community organisations and film-makers to submit HIV-related films and short video works produced in Australia to be considered for screening at AIDS 2014.

Published : 23/05/2014
APCOM circles

Headlight: new Asia-Pacific resource briefs

APCOM, in partnership with AFAO, has launched a new series of resources summarising key regional legal, policy and research documents using an accessible ‘bite-size’ format.

Published : 19/05/2014

AIDS 2014 Melbourne Declaration

The AIDS 2014 Melbourne Declaration calls for an end to discrimination against people with HIV and the eradication of criminalising laws and practices. The Declaration has sparked calls for HIV criminal law reform in Victoria. 

Published : 19/05/2014
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

New US guidelines recommend PrEP for people at high risk of HIV

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have announced new guidelines on the use oftenofovir/emtricitabine (Truvada) as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Published : 16/05/2014
Woman in white coat with stethoscope

Tough budget may create barrier to HIV testing

AFAO expresses concern about impact of $7 co-payment; other leading community sector organisations condemn last night’s Federal Budget.

Published : 14/05/2014
AIDS 2014 destination guide

AIDS 2014 Destination Guide out now

In the lead up to AIDS 2014, the official conference 'Destination Guide' has been released.

Published : 13/05/2014
Ending HIV

Decrease in HIV notifications in NSW during 2013

ACON has welcomed newly released data which shows a reduction in HIV notifications in NSW during 2013, but says the information needs to be interpreted cautiously as efforts continue to end HIV transmission in the state by 2020.

Published : 09/05/2014

NAPWHA Executive Director to step down in July

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations has expressed its gratitude to the outgoing Executive Director of the National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA), Jo Watson, who has announced that she will be stepping down from her position in July.

Published : 06/05/2014
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

HTPN 052: Early treatment reduces risk of AIDS and HIV-related illness

Final results of the HPTN 052 study showed that early antiretroviral therapy significantly reduced the risk of AIDS and HIV-related illness.

Published : 08/05/2014
Woman in white coat with stethoscope

Once-a-day HIV treatment approved for the PBS

People newly diagnosed with HIV in Australia can access a new single tablet regimen, with the approval of Stribild through the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS).

Published : 30/04/2014
underpants on fire

New testing guidelines for gay men launched

New national guidelines for HIV and sexually transmissible infections (STIs) testing respond to the fact that up to 40% of some STIs detected in gay men are asymptomatic.

Published : 22/04/2014

WHO issues hepatitis C treatment guidelines

WHO has issued its first guidance for the treatment of hepatitis C.

Published : 11/04/2014
Faces of two young gay men in close embrace

Considering the HIV health promotion needs of young gay men

AFAO has released a discussion paper: ‘Are young gay men really so different? Considering the HIV health promotion needs of young gay men’, which aims to consolidate evidence from diverse fields to consider HIV risk among young gay men, and the effectiveness of efforts to address their sexual health needs.

Published : 07/04/2014
HIV Australia

HIV Australia: Seeking article submissions

HIV Australia magazine is seeking articles focusing on 'the enabling environment', examining why this is essential to achieving effective responses to HIV, both in Australia and our region. 

Published : 01/04/2014
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Early treatment is now available in Australia

From today, 1 April, all Australians with HIV can begin treatment as early as they choose due to changes to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) prescribing rules.

Published : 01/04/2014

‘Setting the Pace' - registration information for the MSMGF Pre-conference

Registrations are now open for the Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF) Pre-Conference to the 2014 International AIDS Conference in Melbourne. The two-day event will be held at Melbourne Town Hall from 19-20 July 2014.

Published : 25/03/2014
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Early study results show promise of treatment as prevention

Early results of a new European study have shown that successful HIV treatment dramatically reduces the likelihood of onward transmission to sexual partners in both gay and heterosexual couples.

Published : 07/03/2014

Indigenous Pre-conference registrations open

Registrations, abstract submissions and scholarship applications are now open for OUR STORY, OUR TIME, OUR FUTURE - the 2014 International Indigenous Pre-conference on HIV & AIDS.

Published : 06/03/2014

New resource: Our Team

AFAO’s health promotion program has just launched a new booklet called 'OUR TEAM: A guide to negotiating relationships for gay men'.

Published : 05/03/2014

Experiences of HIV: 2013 Seroconversion Study Report released

The 2013 Seroconversion Study Annual Report has been released, reporting on data collected between September 2007 and December 2013.

Published : 23/02/2014

Sharon Lewin to lead Peter Doherty Institute

Leading infectious disease expert Professor Sharon Lewin has been appointed the inaugural Director of the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity at the University of Melbourne.

Published : 11/02/2014
Test More

ACON ramps up rapid testing for Mardi Gras

ACON has announced the launch of Test More - the third phase of the Ending HIV campaign, together with a pop-up rapid testing site on Oxford St which will operate during and after Mardi Gras.

Published : 10/02/2014

Sexual-activity-based deferrals for blood donation remain unchanged

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has rejected an application to reduce the blood donation deferral period for gay and bisexual men from 12 months to 6 months.

Published : 04/02/2014
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Dolutegravir approved for use in Australia

Dolutegravir (Tivicay ®), a second generation Integrase inhibitor, has been approved for use in Australia in February 2014.

Published : 04/02/2014
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

PrEP cost effective among MSM in sero-discordant relationships

Australian research examining the cost-effectiveness and population-level impact of PrEP as a public health intervention, concludes that PrEP is most cost effective when targeted to MSM in sero-discordant relationships.

Published : 28/01/2014
AFAO logo

Don Baxter receives Australia Day honour

Don Baxter, a pioneer of Australia's HIV response, has been awarded a Member of the Order of Australia.

Published : 25/01/2014
Faces of two young gay men in close embrace

National study investigates rates of undiagnosed HIV

A new national study, aiming to identify rates of undiagnosed HIV in Australia's gay community, is offering free HIV testing at community events and venues across Australia throughout 2014.

Published : 23/01/2014
VAC logo


Simon Ruth has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men's Health Centre (VAC/GMHC)

Published : 13/01/2014
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Major barrier to treating HIV removed

A regulatory barrier, preventing some people from starting HIV treatment early, has been removed. The amendment has been welcomed as a major step forward in the fight against HIV in Australia.

Published : 20/12/2013
Global Fund logo

AFAO welcomes Australian contribution to Global Fund

AFAO welcomes the announcement of ongoing federal government support for The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

Published : 05/12/2013
Aung San Suu Kyi - World AIDS Day 2013. Photo: AIDS 2014 / (Photo Andrew Henshaw)

AIDS 2014 launched, plenaries announced

Human rights activist, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Michel Sidibe, Executive Director of UNAIDS, were among the speakers at the World AIDS Day launch of the countdown to the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) in Melbourne next July.

Published : 04/12/2013
red ribbon

World AIDS Day: continued vigilance

Federal Health Minister Peter Dutton said on Sunday that World Aids Day was a reminder that continued vigilance was needed to prevent the spread of HIV infections.

Published : 03/12/2013
Rapid HIV testing - test more

Opening of rapid testing service

Tomorrow night (26 November) is the opening of a[TEST] NEWTOWN, a new rapid HIV and STI testing service for gay men.

Published : 25/11/2013
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Trade deal could derail HIV prevention effort

Up to 1.5 million people who are currently receiving critical HIV medication in Asia and the Pacific could stop receiving treatment if current trade negotiations with the US do not shift significantly.

Published : 22/11/2013
Red candle

Health Alliance commemorates Trans Day of Remembrance

The National LGBTI Health Alliance commemorates the annual Trans Day of Remembrance, noting the importance of remembering trans people who have died from suicide and not just from physical violence.

Published : 20/11/2013

Asia-Pacific report: MSM most affected by rising HIV rates

Rates of HIV in the Asia Pacific are growing fastest among men who have sex with men (MSM), a new UN report, released today in Bangkok, has shown.

Published : 20/11/2013

Getting the most out of ICAAP 11

Funding, human rights, women and girls, MSM and transgender issues are on the agenda for AFAO's international partners at the 11th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP 11) in Bangkok, Thailand, 18-22 November 2013.

Published : 15/11/2013
Oraquick HIV rapid test.

Research: Gay men prefer rapid testing

New research presented at the HIV & AIDS Conference in Darwin today shows that most gay men prefer rapid, instant-result point of care testing to traditional HIV testing methods.

Published : 23/10/2013
Microscopic image of HIV, in purple

HIV in Australia: updates

Several reports that help guide the response to HIV in Australia were launched at the Australasian HIV conference on Monday.

Published : 22/10/2013
AFAO logo

AFAO's Community Hub at ASHM

AFAO is hosting a Community and Advocacy Hub at the 2013 ASHM HIV Conference next week, and launching two important publications.

Published : 18/10/2013

AIDS 2014: Stepping up the Pace

Stepping up the Pace has been selected as the theme for the AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne.

Published : 02/10/2013

UNAIDS reports progress on 2015 HIV targets

Dramatic reductions in HIV transmissions globally, especially among children, and a massive increase in the availability of treatments, are highlights of the 2013 UNAIDS Report on the global AIDS epidemic.

Published : 24/09/2013

News from ICAAC 2013: side effects

Several presenters at the 53rd ICAAC reported on treatment regimens and drugs that show good viral suppression with reduced side effects.

Published : 20/09/2013

Ending HIV campaign launches in Victoria

Victorian AIDS Council / Gay Men’s Health Centre (VAC/GMHC) and Living Positive Victoria have announced the launch of the Ending HIV campaign in Victoria.

Published : 19/09/2013
APCOM circles

APCOM events for MSM, transgender advocates at ICAAP

APCOM has partnered with the local organising committee for the 11th ICAAP to provide a number of activities for regional MSM and transgender advocates at the conference in Bangkok in November.

Published : 18/09/2013
Microscopic image of HIV, in purple

News from ICAAC 2013

Promising results for a number of antiretroviral treatments, and further evidence for anal dysplasia screening, were presented at the 53rd Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC) last week.

Published : 16/09/2013
red ribbon

New HIV strategy for Queensland

The Queensland Government aims to reduce HIV transmissions in the state by 50% by the end of 2016 through measures set out in the Queensland HIV Strategy 2013-2015.

Published : 16/09/2013
Cartoon man's face

Shop-front rapid HIV testing site opens in Victoria

Rapid testing for HIV is now available in Melbourne via the first 'shop-front' testing site in Australia.

Published : 09/09/2013

Dolutegravir approved

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved dolutegravir (Ticivay) for use in both treatment-experienced and treatment-naive people with HIV.

Published : 20/08/2013
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

New Australian commentary on US HIV treatment guidelines

The latest commentary to help doctors prescribe HIV antiretroviral treatments in Australia is now available on the new Antiretroviral (ARV) Guidelines website,

Published : 19/08/2013

South Australian HIV Services Guide

Following the closure of The AIDS Council of South Australia (ACSA), AFAO, with assistance from the STI & BBV Section, SA Health, has compiled this brief guide to HIV-related services currently available in South Australia.

Published : 15/08/2013
red ribbon

Funding boost will help to contain new HIV infections

Today's announcement of a significant funding boost to scale-up the rollout of rapid HIV testing will help contain the spread of new HIV infections.

Published : 12/08/2013

New Executive Director for Healthy Communities

Queensland Association for Healthy Communities has appointed John Mikelsons as its new Executive Director.

Published : 06/08/2013

AIDS Council of SA forced to close

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations has expressed shock and disappointment at the South Australian Government's decision to withdraw funding from the State's AIDS Council and force it to close.

Published : 30/07/2013
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Australia’s first PrEP trial announced in Victoria

The Victorian government has announced funding for a three-year pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) demonstration project.

Published : 29/07/2013

ACON launches new strategies and the a[TEST] testing service

ACON has launched two new strategies that will renew ACON's focus on HIV prevention and improve health outcomes for the LGBTI Community. A[test], ACON's express HIV and STI screening service, was also officially opened at the launch of the strategies.

Published : 29/07/2013
Rainbow flag

Launch of new international LGBT legal resources

Two exciting new legal databases were recently launched by the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ): the Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity UN Database and the Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Legislative Database.

Published : 11/07/2013

Two cases of HIV remission following stem cell treatment

Two cases of HIV remission following stem cell treatment have been reported by Boston researchers at the 7th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2013).

Published : 04/07/2013

New WHO guidelines recommend earlier HIV treatment

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced ambitious new HIV treatment guidelines which will see the number of people eligible for HIV treatment rising substantially.

Published : 01/07/2013
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Ethical concerns about PrEP trial among people who inject drugs

Following the recent publication of results from a PrEP trial, several Thai community groups of injecting drug users issued a joint media statement raising concerns about the way the trial was conducted.

Published : 01/07/2013
Rainbow flag

Historic anti-discrimination legislation protects LGBTI australians

Historic new anti-discrimination legislation offering specific protections to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people was passed by the Australian Government in June.

Published : 01/07/2013
Smiling woman and man

Name change for the National Centre in HIV Social Research

The National Centre in HIV Social research has announced a name change; it will now be known as the Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH).

Published : 27/06/2013
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

PrEP reduces HIV risk among people who inject drugs by 49%

Research published in the June 2013 edition of The Lancet online, shows that a daily dose of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) can reduce the risk of HIV acquisition among people who inject drugs by 49 percent.

Published : 17/06/2013
ACON test more

Australia's first community-based rapid HIV and STI testing centre

ACON has launched Australia’s first community-based rapid HIV and STI testing centre, operated by and for gay men.

Published : 13/06/2013

Advancing HIV Justice: a progress report

A new report outlines the global achievements in challenging the inappropriate use of criminal laws and prosecutions for HIV non-disclosure, potential or perceived exposure and transmission.

Published : 11/06/2013
Young heterosexual couple talking

Heterosexuals' experience of stigma

Heterosexual people with HIV in Australia experience more stigma than gay men, according to an analysis of data collected in the survey component of the NAPWA stigma audit.

Published : 11/06/2013
Two women talking

Barriers to women's participation in HIV drug trials

Care-giving for children, unemployment and transport difficulties are cited as key obstacles to women's adherence and continued participation in a US trial of darunavir/ritonavir.

Published : 05/06/2013
UNDP logo

Report provides snapshot of legal protections for PHIV in Asia Pacific

This United Nations Development Program (UNDP) report highlights current laws in Asia and the Pacific that provide legal protections against HIV-related human rights violations and the lessons learned from implementation and enforcement.

Published : 04/06/2013

The MSMGF Launches New Online Advocacy Resource

The Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF) has launched a new website to support the Speaking Out Toolkit for MSM-Led HIV and AIDS Advocacy.

Published : 22/05/2013
TPPA protest

Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations resume

Trade negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) recommenced on 15 May in Lima, Peru.

Published : 16/05/2013
Drop of blood on finger

Rapid testing to be rolled out in Queensland

The Queensland government has announced that it will offer rapid HIV tests at sexual health clinics from June.

Published : 07/05/2013
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Study: ageing and long-term ARV treatment do not negatively affect CD4 count

The combination of ageing and long-term HIV treatment does not negatively affect CD 4 T-cell counts, an Australian study has concluded.

Published : 11/04/2013

Your Body Blueprint for HIV and healthy living

'Your Body Blueprint', a new campaign designed to encourage and support people with HIV to lead healthier lives, reduce the risk of illness, and enhance their quality of life, has just been launched by AFAO.

Published : 17/04/2013
red ribbon

MAC chief: Cutting Biala clinic services = 'trouble'

Reduction of services at the Biala sexual health clinic in Brisbane will 'greatly interfere' with Queensland's ability to reduce the rates of HIV Infection, Chair of Queensland's Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) Dr Darren Russell told the ABC's 7.30 Queensland last week.

Published : 08/04/2013
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

VISCONTI study: controlling HIV through early treatment

A study published in the March edition of PLoS Pathogens has followed a cohort 14 people have achieved long-term functional remission of HIV after the interruption of early antiretroviral (ARV) therapy.

Published : 02/04/2013

Landmark Novartis case protects access to generic treatments

In a landmark judgement which sets a precedent for the protection of generic drugs, India's Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by Swiss drug company Novartis to grant a patent for its cancer drug, Glivec.

Published : 03/04/2013
PIAF AIDS ribbon logo

Key Pacific HIV organisation forced to close

The Pacific Islands AIDS Foundation (PIAF), the only non-government organisation representing the rights and voices of people living with HIV in the Pacific region, is closing in April due a lack of funding.

Published : 21/03/2013

The New Deal: Gay Men, Sex, and Hep C

"The New Deal", a new website on gay men, sex and hep C has just been launched by AFAO.

Published : 19/03/2013

HIV Seroconversion Study: recruiting now

The HIV Seroconversion Study, an ongoing social research project investigating factors contributing to HIV transmission, has relaunched this month with an updated questionnaire.

Published : 15/03/2013
20th conference on retroviruses and opportunistic infections

The News from CROI 2013

A second person 'cured' of HIV, Australians contributing to cure research, and disappointing results from a trial of woman-controlled prevention options are key news stories announced at the annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Atlanta this week.

Published : 05/03/2013

Ground-breaking hepatitis C drugs approved for the PBS

Two new hepatitis C (HCV) drugs, telaprevir and boceprevir, will soon be subsidised through the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

Published : 22/02/2013

ASHM calls on PBAC to reconsider limits on starting HIV treatment

New research prompts the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM) to renew calls for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee to review its criteria for starting treatment.

Published : 20/02/2013
Drop of blood on finger

ACON announces position on home-based HIV testing

ACON has released a position statement on home based HIV testing and gay men.

Published : 19/02/2013
Ending HIV

Ending HIV in NSW

ACON has launched a new state-wide education campaign aimed at mobilising NSW’s gay community to help eliminate HIV transmission within the next ten years.

Published : 12/02/2013
Living Positive Victoria logo

Living Positive Victoria supports early HIV treatment

People living with HIV are being encouraged to consider commencing HIV treatment early in a position statement issued by Living Positive Victoria.

Published : 05/02/2013

Too early to call Nullbasic an 'AIDS cure'

A Queensland scientist has reported laboratory success using a modified HIV protein, 'Nullbasic', to inhibit steps in the HIV life-cycle, but it's too early to call the research an 'AIDS cure'.

Published : 29/01/2013
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Early HIV treatment boosts immune response

A new study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, indicates that commencing antiretroviral (ARV) medication within four months is the optimal time to begin HIV treatment.

Published : 01/02/2013
Drop of blood on finger

Rapid HIV testing trial for Victoria

Trial of community-based rapid HIV testing service will commence in Victoria by July 2013, the Victorian government has announced.

Published : 18/01/2013
red ribbon

AFAO welcomes Australia’s first registered rapid HIV test

AFAO has welcomed today’s approval of the first rapid HIV test for use in Australia, the Determine rapid HIV test produced by medical diagnostics and health management company Alere.

Published : 17/12/2012
NSW Government logo

NSW Government announces new HIV strategy

The NSW Government has announced an ambitious new HIV strategy which sets out targets to virtually eradicate HIV transmission in NSW by 2020.

Published : 04/12/2012
HIV is still here

AFAO: eradicating new HIV infections within reach

As we pause to mark World AIDS Day, AFAO has called for a three pronged approach of testing, treatment and targets to help achieve the goals of the UN Political Declaration on HIV.

Published : 30/11/2012
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Global Fund reports 4.2 million people now accessing HIV treatment

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has announced there has been a substantial increase in the number of people with HIV accessing treatment since 2011.

Published : 30/11/2012
AFAO logo

AFAO welcomes new President and Vice President

AFAO is pleased to announce the appointment of new President, Willie Rowe and new Vice President, Bridget Haire.

Published : 23/11/2012

UNAIDS reports progress towards 'Getting to Zero' goals

More than 25 low-middle income countries have seen a 50% drop in new HIV infections between 2001 and 2011, according to UNAIDS.

Published : 21/11/2012

NAPWA report notes resilience in people with HIV

The recently released 'Stigma Audit' report finds that in spite of ongoing challenges with stigma, many people with HIV are leading fulfilling lives and bounce back from setbacks when they arise.

Published : 01/11/2012

Sex workers, HIV, and the law in Asia Pacific

Removing legal penalties for sex work allows HIV prevention and treatment programs to reach sex workers and their clients more effectively, according to a new report.

Published : 01/11/2012
red ribbon

Action plan for rise in HIV diagnoses

The announcement on 17 October that the number of HIV diagnosis in Australia increased by 8% between 2010 and 2011 coincided with the launch of a call to reduce HIV Infections and enhance treatments uptake.

Published : 23/10/2012
Methadone molecule

Methadone halves risk of HIV infection for people who inject drugs

A systematic review and meta-analysis of nine randomised studies of methadone maintenance therapy has found that 'opiate substitution treatment is associated with an average 54% reduction in the risk of new HIV infections among people who inject drugs'.

Published : 23/10/2012

Commonwealth commits to encourage the repeal of discriminatory laws

Commonwealth Foreign ministers agree on draft Commonwealth Charter and Eminent Person's Group recommendations to encourage the repeal of discriminatory laws that impede the effective response of Commonwealth countries to the HIV epidemic.

Published : 10/10/2012

New Executive Director for AIDS Action

Ms Jan Weir has been appointed as the new Executive Director of the AIDS Action of the ACT (AAC).

Published : 09/10/2012
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Adherence to event-based PrEP proves challenging

Intermittent and event-based dosing strategies for PrEP may be difficult to maintain, according to findings from a recent study.

Published : 20/09/2012

People with HIV have heart attacks younger but receive later care

Research presented at the ICAAC 2012 conference in September found that people with HIV have heart attacks at a younger age, with a 50% higher mortality rate but receive later care.

Published : 14/09/2012
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

News from the ICAAC conference 2012

Researchers find Stribild effective and safe, report on new fusion inhibitor, at the 52 Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC).

Published : 13/09/2012

Brothel licensing will force workers underground, say sex worker reps

Scarlet Alliance, the Australian Sex Workers Association, opposes the announcement that a licensing body will regulate sex work in New South Wales, saying it is contrary to the best practice recommendations of the United Nations.

Published : 04/09/2012
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

‘Quad’ combination pill for people with HIV receives FDA approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Stribild, a four-in-one fixed dose combination (FDC) tablet, for people with HIV who are commencing antiretroviral treatment for the first time.

Published : 28/08/2012
AIDS Action Council logo

New Executive Director positions announced at AAC and WAAC

After five years at the helm of the AIDS Action Council of the ACT (AAC), General Manager, Andrew Burry has accepted a new and exciting challenge as CEO of the Western Australian AIDS Council (WAAC).

Published : 23/08/2012

Healthy Communities: down but not out

Cuts to the funding of Queensland Association of Healthy Communities sexual health, HIV and LGBT drug & alcohol programs took effect from Friday 17 August, resulting in the loss of 22 staff and the closure of Healthy Communities' Maroochydore office.

Published : 21/08/2012

Trial of needle syringe program announced for ACT prison

Organisations representing people who inject drugs in prisons have welcomed The ACT Government's announcement to trial a system of needle exchange in the ACT prison, the Alexander Maconochie Centre. 

Published : 16/08/2012
Young heterosexual couple talking

CDC recommends PrEP for heterosexuals

With around one quarter of HIV diagnoses in the US being among heterosexuals each year, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued interim guidance for prescribing Truvada to heterosexual men and women at high risk of acquiring HIV.

Published : 14/08/2012

Towards a cure?

Stem cell transplant, viral latency and the Visconti Cohort represent the next steps toward a possible cure for HIV.

Published : 31/07/2012
red ribbon

WHO, UNAIDS reports talk treatments

Treatments uptake in low and middle income countries, drug resistance and strategic use of antiretrovirals for HIV prevention are the key issues addressed in two reports released by the World Health Organisation on 18 July.

Published : 19/07/2012
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

HIV prevention pill approved in the US

Truvada is the first drug to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce the risk of HIV infection in people who are at high risk of acquiring HIV through sexual activity with people who are HIV-positive.

Published : 17/07/2012

Time to focus on heart health

A new heart health resource for people living with HIV (PLHIV) is timely in light of recent research showing that PLHIV have at higher risk of heart attack than people who are HIV-negative.

Published : 13/07/2012

World first: HPV vaccine approved for boys

In a world first, the Gardasil vaccine against the human papilloma virus (HPV), will be provided to Australian boys from February 2013.

Published : 13/07/2012

HIV and the Law Report: bad laws stifle the global HIV response

A landmark independent report released on 9 July states that enforcing punitive laws costs lives, wastes money, erodes human rights and stifles the global AIDS response.

Published : 11/07/2012

Qld HIV advisory group announced

Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg has announced the membership of the newly-formed Ministerial Advisory Committee on HIV AIDS that is tasked with managing HIV prevention funding in Queensland.

Published : 09/07/2012
Oraquick HIV rapid test.

Rapid HIV test approved for home use in the US

The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test was approved for over-the-counter sales and home use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on 3 July.

Published : 04/07/2012

War on drugs fuels the HIV pandemic

The global war on drugs is 'driving the HIV pandemic' among people who use drugs and their sexual partners, according to a report released by the Global Commission on Drug Policy on 26 June.

Published : 04/07/2012

Healthy Communities: update on plans

The QLD Association for Healthy Communities has circulated a media release outlining their plans over the next few months and restating the organisations' ongoing commitment to the Queensland LGBTI community.

Published : 27/06/2012

WHO’s new plan on antiretroviral treatment as prevention

On 8 June, The World Health Organization (WHO) released a Programmatic Update setting out the organisation’s plans to ensure treatment as prevention as a major part of the solution to ending the HIV epidemic.

Published : 15/06/2012
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Meeting formulates actions to sustain treatment access in Asia and the Pacific

Delegates attending a three-day Consultation in Bangkok discussed the potential impact of intellectual property and free trade agreements on HIV treatment access throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Published : 04/06/2012

Resolution on the breakdown of the Queensland HIV Partnership Response

On May 30, delegates at the National Gay Men's HIV Health Promotion Conference unanimously passed a resolution regarding the Queensland government's intention to strip LGBT health organisation Healthy Communities of its funding. 

Published : 31/05/2012
red ribbon

Review recommends changes to blood donation rules

An independent Review of Blood Donor Deferrals Relating to Sexual Activity has recommended halving the gap between sexual activity and blood donation from twelve to six months for gay men and sex workers.

Published : 28/05/2012

Funding cuts put Qld HIV prevention programs in jeopardy

Healthy Communities (QAHC), Queensland's only LGBT health and wellbeing organisation, is to be defunded by Queensland Health. The funding cuts will result in the termination of current HIV, STI and Hepatitis C prevention programs across Queensland.

Published : 21/05/2012
UNDP logo

New framework to reduce transgender vulnerability to HIV

A groundbreaking study released on 17 May aims to provide a framework for research that can help governments, civil society, development partners and the transgender community reduce transgender people's vulnerability to HIV in the Asia-Pacific region.

Published : 18/05/2012
Oraquick HIV rapid test.

FDA considers approval for home-testing

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering approval of an over-the-counter HIV test that people can use at home to obtain a rapid HIV test result.

Published : 15/05/2012
Global Fund logo

$1.6 billion injection for the Global Fund

In a turn-around from last year's funding freeze, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria estimates that more than $1.6 billion in additional funding will be available& for the 2012-14 period.

Published : 14/05/2012

New UNAIDS campaign aims to end infections among children

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has launched a new campaign, "Believe it. Do it.", aimed at bringing attention and action to the global goal of ending new HIV infections among children by 2015 and ensuring mothers living with HIV remain healthy.

Published : 11/05/2012
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

FDA urged to approve Truvada for use in HIV prevention

The Advisory Committee to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recommended that the FDA approve Truvada (emtricitabine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate)as an HIV prevention measure among sexually active men and women.

Published : 11/05/2012

Starting the treatments conversation

A new campaign from NAPWA urges people living with HIV talk to their doctors about the benefits of HIV treatment for themselves and their partners.

Published : 09/05/2012
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

New US treatment guidelines recommend that all PLHIV commence treatment

Newly updated US antiretroviral treatment guidelines issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services recommend that all people living with HIV should consider commencing HIV treatment.

Published : 05/04/2012
AFAO submission

AFAO’s comments on the National Human Rights Action Plan Exposure Draft

AFAO has provided comments on gaps in the government exposure draft on the National Human Rights Action Plan, raising important human rights concerns.

Published : 26/03/2012
Human Rights Council logo

The human rights of LGBT people: historic Human Rights Council meeting held

In Geneva on March 7, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) held its first ever panel session to debate human rights considerations for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people.

Published : 13/03/2012
Woman in white coat with stethoscope

Tracking Changes study out now

This study of people living with HIV and S100 prescribers showed that PLHIV rely on their doctors for information about antiretroviral treatment.

Published : 07/03/2012

New research findings: sexual health needs of young gay men

Young gay men may need to be more actively targeted with sexual health promotion campaigns,according to the results of the 'How much do you care' online survey.

Published : 05/03/2012
red ribbon

NGOs call on government to prioritise access to medicines over trade interests

The Public Health Association of Australia joined with five Australian and international medical, health and fair trade organisations this week to urge the Prime Minister to preserve access to affordable medicines in the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

Published : 01/03/2012
Let's talk about it! Gay relationships guide

Let's talk about it! New website for gay men

AFAO has just launched an interactive website that aims to help gay men build healthier relationships.

Published : 21/02/2012

Call for the greater involvement of HIV-positive women at IAS 2012

Alice Welbourn, HIV-positive activist and member of the Athena Network steering committee, has criticised the lack of involvement of HIV-positive women in the conference plenary.

Published : 21/02/2012

Bill Bowtell receives Order of Australia

Public health expert Bill Bowtell was made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) on Australia day 2012 in recognition of his ‘significant contributions to public health and for his role in developing and implementing of policyand programs supporting HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention’.

Published : 21/02/2012
Graphic of globe with Africa the visible continent

South Africa to produce generic ARVs by 2016

The South African government has entered into a partnership with a pharmaceutical company that will allow it to manufacture ingredients used in antiretroviral (ARV) drugs locally.

Published : 20/02/2012
Top Tips

New resources for people with HIV from CALD backgrounds

New booklets providing important information for people living with HIV from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds have just been released by AFAO in four languages, adding to the existing booklet written in Plain English.

Published : 08/02/2012
AFAO submission

Consolidation of Commonwealth Anti-Discrimination Laws

In this submission AFAO articulates concerns about discrimination against people with HIV in relation to migration, and discrimination on the grounds of sexuality and gender identity in relation to employment.

Published : 06/02/2012

Three HIV/sexual health conferences come to Melbourne in October 2012

the 13th International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections (IUSTI) World Congress will be held in Australia for the first time in over 14 years. IUSTI 2012 will also incorporate the 2012 Australasian Sexual Health Conference, followed by the 24th ASHM HIV/AIDS Conference

Published : 02/02/2012
red ribbon

Global week of action: Defend generic medicines

International activists are calling on the Indian government to defend generic HIV medicines in Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations at the EU-India summit in Delhi on 10 February.

Published : 02/02/2012

Stop the criminalisation of people living with HIV in Canada

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network is calling for international support to endorse a statement on criminalisation that they are presenting to the Canadian Supreme Court prior to two landmark court cases on HIV non-disclosure on 8 February.

Published : 31/01/2012
AFAO logo

Need for Australia to exercise global leadership in the fight against HIV

AFAO and RESULTS International have issued an urgent call to the Australian Government to bring forward its financial commitment to the Global Fund, or risk jeopardizing crucial advances in HIV treatment and prevention.

Published : 27/01/2012

HIV Futures Seven - deadline extended!

HIV Futures Seven - the national survey for people living with HIV - is open for responses until February 27. Share your experiences at:

Published : 20/01/2012

New HIV vaccine approved for phase one trials in 2012

A Canadian developed preventative HIV vaccine has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to commence human clinical trials in January 2012.

Published : 23/12/2011

Reduced rates of new HIV diagnosis among New Zealand MSM

Latest HIV surveillance figures from New Zealand show a reduction in new HIV diagnosis among men who have sex with men.

Published : 23/12/2011

Long-term antiretroviral use safe - research

Two new international research studies find that, in the absence of other risk factors, people on antiretroviral therapy have the same mortality risk as individuals in the general population.

Published : 19/12/2011
VAC logo

VAC/GMHC elects first female President

The Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men’s Health Centre (VAC/GMHC) elected writer and policy researcher Kirsty Machon as its first female President on 8 December.

Published : 16/12/2011

Do you chat online?

If so, researchers at NCHSR would like to hear about your experiences of online chat and hooking up.

Published : 13/12/2011
red ribbon

Global Fund cancels Round 11 funding

Lack of money and unwillingness by donors to invest more in AIDS, TB and malaria has prompted the Global Fund to cancel funding for scaling up programs until 2014.

Published : 01/12/2011

Melbourne to host AIDS 2014

Melbourne has been selected to host the world’s largest HIV/AIDS Conference in July 2014.

Published : 30/11/2011

HIV infections and deaths fall

A new report by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) shows that 2011 was a game changing year for the AIDS response.

Published : 23/11/2011

Video: Fear less live more

AFAO’s first ever video animation examines HIV-related stigma among gay men and calls for more communication with sexual partners.

Published : 23/11/2011
Drop of blood on finger

ACON welcomes NSW trial of rapid HIV testing

NSW’s leading community-based HIV/AIDS organisation says the trial represents an important advance in the HIV prevention response in NSW and across Australia.

Published : 22/11/2011
WA AIDS Council logo

1 Community against stigma and discrimination

In the lead up to World AIDS Day (December 1st) the WA AIDS Council has launched a new campaign to address the issue of HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination.

Published : 21/11/2011

AFAO welcomes new President and Vice President

AFAO is pleased to announce the appointment of new President, Ian Rankin and new Vice President, Willie Rowe, on 4 November.

Published : 10/11/2011

The Drama Downunder updated

The latest phase of this sexual health information campaign is about to be launched around the country.

Published : 07/11/2011

Reform and debate stifled at CHOGM

The Commonwealth HIV/AIDS Action Group has called for the immediate release of the full Eminent Persons Group report, "A Commonwealth of the People – Time for urgent reform", amid concerns the report’s recommendations could be stymied without a full and frank public debate.

Published : 27/10/2011

HIV Futures Seven - making positive lives count

HIV Futures seven is now open. Futures seven is the seventh national survey of Australian People Living with HIV conducted by the Living with HIV program at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, La Trobe University.

Published : 24/10/2011
Row of flags outside the UNited Nations building

Call for Australia to lead a global HIV prevention revolution

Bill Whittaker discusses the implications of the 2011 UN Declaration on HIV/AIDS for the Australian HIV response.

Published : 18/10/2011
Woman in white coat with stethoscope

What moves a family doctor to specialise in HIV?

The population of people living with HIV in Australia is increasing, yet the numbers of GPs training as community-based HIV medication prescribers may not be enough to replace those retiring.

Published : 10/10/2011
red ribbon

Is 1000 HIV diagnoses too many?

New data released on 27 September in the 2011 Annual HIV Surveillance Report shows that HIV infection in Australia continue to plateau at around 1,000 new infections per year.

Published : 30/09/2011

Briefing: The Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS 2011

Key points from the 2011 Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS are summarised in 'In Focus volume 1', a briefing paper prepared by APCASO with input from AFAO.

Published : 26/09/2011

HIV Media Guide

The 4th revised edition of 'Reporting HIV in Australia: Information for Journalists' is now available. This best-practice guide for journalists includes a language guide, facts, backgrounders and more.

Published : 21/09/2011

Better to Know - An STIs Website for Young A&TSI Men and Women

The ‘Better to Know’ website is an online information space for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women. The website provides information on STIs, HIV, testing, treatment and a comprehensive list of clinic services.

Published : 19/09/2011

E-Health Update September 2011

This latest e-health briefing paper outlines some key issues arising out of the Concept of Operations released by Health Minister Roxon in September 2011.

Published : 15/09/2011
AFAO submission

AFAO's Comments on the draft Baseline Study

AFAO has submitted comments to draft Baseline Study for the National Human Rights Action Plan, which surveys the experience and protection of human rights in Australia.

Published : 14/09/2011

Briefing paper: Michael Neal Appeal decision

This paper provides an overview of the prosecution of Michael Neal for knowingly infecting people with HIV, and analysis of the outcomes of his appeal.

Published : 01/09/2011

New resource - Straight Talking

In August 2011 AFAO released an online best practice guide in HIV and sexual health promotion for workers in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sexual health

Published : 30/08/2011

Electronic health records

On 3 August AFAO made a submission to the Personally controlled electronic health records system (PCEHR) legislation issues paper. This followed on from other policy work by AFAO throughout 2010.

Published : 18/08/2011
Row of flags outside the UNited Nations building

New global plan to end AIDS

AFAO welcomes the Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS, agreed to in June 2011 by the 192 member countries of the United Nations.

Published : 04/08/2011
A hand placing HIV medications into another hand.

Heterosexual PrEP trials success

Two new studies show that taking antiretrovirals as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) reduces HIV transmission by up to 73% among heterosexual couples. The trials, which were both conducted in Africa, are the first to demonstrate the efficacy of PrEP among heterosexuals. Women and men were equally protected.

Published : 14/07/2011

New WHO Guidelines for MSM and transgenders

New public health recommendations released by the World Health Organisation on 21 June aim to help policymakers and doctors scale-up access to treatment and prevention services for HIV and sexually transmitted infections among men who have sex with men and transgender people.

Published : 23/06/2011
Rainbow flag

LGBT rights - UN resolution passed

On Friday 17 June, the UN Human Rights Council passed a historic resolution addressing human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Published : 22/06/2011
Faces of two young gay men in close embrace

UN political declaration on AIDS includes MSM for the first time

The 2011 United Nations Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS was adopted High Level Meeting on AIDS in New York on 10 June. The declaration is the first General Assembly statement on AIDS to explicitly include men who have sex with men (MSM).

Published : 16/06/2011

Immigration policy

AFAO believes Australia’s migration legislation, regulations and policies must be reformed to remove mandatory HIV testing. AFAO has recently released several policy documents supporting this position.

Published : 14/06/2011
Rob Lake

New Executive Director for AFAO

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) is pleased to announce that Mr Rob Lake will be the new Executive Director of the organisation.

Published : 15/04/2011

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