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AFAO in the media

As the national federation for the HIV community response in Australia, AFAO commands a unique place in the Australian media landscape.

Its measured and consistent approach to issues relating to HIV/AIDS has earned it respect and standing in the media, particularly with the national broadcaster, the nation’s broadsheets and in the gay media.

AFAO's biggest challenge in garnering widespread media attention is that HIV is not commonly perceived in the mainstream media as a public health issue that necessarily warrants attention. There is a perception that HIV has already been 'dealt with' in Australia.

Despite this, AFAO has regularly been consulted on significant HIV-related issues, including HIV infection rates, the effect of HIV on Indigenous communities, prevention measures relating to sex workers, medical developments and the growing problem of HIV in the Asia-Pacific region.

This page links to media comment and interviews by AFAO.

For the latest Australian HIV data see:
HIV statistics in Australia

Recent stories



Meet ‘GRUNT’: The Unapologetic AF New Website Celebrating Gay Trans Men 7 Sep, Pedestrian

There’s a new site for trans men’s health and it’s hardcore  6 Jul, SBS

World news: Grunt site for trans men 6 Sep, Windy City Times


GRUNT Campaign Focuses on Sex Between Trans Men and Cis Men 30 Aug,

Australia wants trans men and the cis gay, bi, queer men who love them to GRUNT 30 Aug,

Australia wants trans men and the cis gay, bi, queer men who love them to GRUNT 30 Aug, LGBTQ Nation

Heaps Good: 29 Aug, Heaps Gay

GRUNT Campaign Targets Transgender Men Who Have Sex With Cisgender Men   29 Aug, Towleroad

Gilead Accused of Overcharging for PrEP in Australia 26 Aug, Frontiers Media

Drug Maker’s Application For Crucial HIV Pill Was “Homophobic, Illogical, And Greedy” 25 Aug, BuzzFeed News

Drug Maker Ignored HIV Groups Before Failed Bid To Have Crucial Drug Subsidised 24 Aug, LGBT (US)

The Health News (radio interview with Bridget Haire) 23-Aug, Heath Professional Radio

Brisbane's HIV infections drop 30% in 5 years; HIV drug Truvada still not on PBS 23 Aug, International Business Times

HIV prevention drug won’t be subsidised by Australian health department 20 Aug,

Health department won't subsidise HIV prevention drug 20 Aug, The Guardian   

Anti-HIV drug Truvada will not be listed on PBS as preventative medication 20 Aug, ABC News

ABC’s 7pm news interview with Bridget Haire 20 Aug, ABC News

Trans men target of new Aussie campaign 19 Aug, Washington Blade

The Australian Government Refuses to Fund HIV Prevention Drug 19 Aug, QNews

Outrage as PrEP drug Truvada denied access to PBS 19 Aug, Star Observer

No PBS listing for HIV prevention pill 19 Aug, SBS

HIV prevention drug will not be added to the PBS 19 Aug Out In Perth

HIV prevention drug Truvada won't be subsidised in Australia 19 Aug, SMH

HIV prevention drug Truvada knocked back for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme 19 Aug,

HIV Drug Will Not Be Subsidised By The Government 19-Aug, BuzzFeed News
AFAO ‘disappointed’ after PBAC refuses to list Truvada for PrEP on the PBS, vows to fight on 19 Aug, GNN/SX

Sex campaign targets Aussie trans men 16 Aug, SameSame

New sexual health resource for trans men nothing to Grunt at 16 Aug, Star Observer

Bold sexual health campaign 'Grunt' targets gay, bi and queer trans men 16 Aug    GNN/SX

The Hookup interviews AFAO President  Bridget Haire 10 Aug, The Hookup  (Triple J radio)

Joy FM radio interview 1 August, Medical Daily    

All Things Queer discusses AIDS, Hepatitis, and Rio 1 August, All things Queer (radio)


UN AIDS meeting 26 July, Positive Living Magazine

Australia Declares AIDS No Longer a Public Health Issue 21 July, The hospitalist 

AIDS 2016 Durban: HIV cure hope of Nobel prize winner Francoise Barre-Sinoussi and Australia’s Sharon Lewin 20 July, 

AIDS summit opens warning progress risk 20 July, SBS    

HIV infection rates have barely dropped in last 10 years 20 July, SBS 

Health service reminds public: AIDS is not the same as HIV 18 July, The Morning Bulletin   

AIDS no longer a health issue in Australia, but sex health expert continues safety first message 18 July, The Morning Bulletin

PrEP on the frontline of HIV 16 July, The Saturday Paper

‘AIDS as a fatal disease is over’: Aussie officials    15 July, The Blade (Washington) 

"How Australia Eliminated AIDS as a Public-Health Threat. The U.S. could be wise to take note." 15 July, Pacific standard

Darryl O'Donnell radio interview re declassification of AIDS as an epidemic 14 July, Breakfast with Blackers

Australian Access to HIV Preventive Drugs Is Taking Way too Long 14 July, Vice 

AIDS : Κάν' το, όπως η Αυστραλία 13 July, TVXS (Greece) 

The end of AIDS in Australia 13 July The Informer Joy FM 

World News Quick Take 13 July, Taipei Times    

Australia joins elite group that has beaten Aids    13 July, Medial Brief 

Australia’s AIDS epidemic has come to an end 12 July, Techly  

Aids is no longer a public health issue, says Australian peak body, but HIV is 12 July, The Guardian

AIDS epidemic no longer a public health issue, scientists say 12 July News.AZ 

Australia now ‘free’ of AIDS epidemic 12 July    Shanghai Daily 

Aussie 'end of AIDS' claims dangerous - researcher 12 July, NZ Daily News

Health News 12 July, Health Professional radio 

Australia as conquered AIDS but now HIV 12 July, 

How Australia Ended AIDS Epidemic 12 July    Aussie News Network

AIDS epidemic no longer a public health issue, but HIV still is 12 July, The Conversation 

Australia Declares AIDS No Longer Public Health Issue 12 July, Jakarta Globa (Indonesia)    

Australia defeats AIDS, in Italy 30% are unaware of being infected 12 July,    

Aids, l’Australia ha decretato la fine dell’epidemia grazie ai farmaci antiretrovirali 12 July, News (Italy)

L’Australia sconfigge l’Aids, l’annuncio ufficiale dell’Afao 12 July, Lifestar (Italy) 

L'Australia dichiara la fine dell'epidemia 12 July,    La Sicilia (Italy) 

Aids, epidemia sconfitta coi farmaci antiretrovirali Ciociaria Report24 12 July, Ciociaria report 24 (Italy)

Fight against AIDS in Australia declared a success
12 July,   

Australia debella epidemia di Aids ma Hiv non è morto: in Italia vince l'ignoranza 12 July

“AIDS Is Over” in Australia, Declare Experts 12 July, POZ 

Australian AIDS experts declare end of country’s epidemic – but HIV is not beaten yet 12 July, Pink News (UK) 

Australia Emerges Victorious In Eradicating AIDS, Will Be HIV Infection Free By 2020 12 July India Times 

Australia AIDS free? – In the News 12 July    Science Media Centre (NZ) 

Australia Plans to Eliminate HIV by 2020 12 July, 

AIDS epidemic 'over' in Australia, but HIV demands vigilance 12 July, Burnet

Leading figures in AIDS fight warn battle is not over as HIV rates increase 12 July, ABC AM radio with Michael Brissenden

AIDS epidemic no longer public health issue in Australia 11 July, Saigon Express

Australia Dinyatakan Bebas Epidemi AIDS 11 July,  Berita (Indonesia)  

Scientists' AIDS claim called 'misleading' 11 July, RNZ (New Zealand)

AIDS epidemic 'over' in Australia: Scientists 11 July, Zee News (India)

Aids epidemic ‘over’ in Australia 11 July, IOL (Xinhua)

AIDS epidemic 'over' in Australia: Scientists 11 July, New Kerala

AIDS epidemic 'over' in Australia say peak bodies    11 July, SMH

AIDS epidemic almost over in Australia, say scientists 11 July, The Indian Express       

End of AIDS, a new era for HIV 11 July, Croakey

The end of AIDS? 11 July, Bad Blood blog   

Australian scientists declare "the end of AIDS" as a public health issue 11 July, Newstalk ZB

Australian scientists declare the ‘end of AIDS’ as a major public health issue 11 July, Attitude

It's no longer an epidemic, but AIDS and HIV still kill in Australia 11 July, SMH

AIDS epidemic 'over' in Australia, say peak bodies  11 July, SMH

AIDS epidemic 'over' in Australia: Scientists 11 July, Business Standard

Experts say AIDS is over in Australia 11 July,    Death and Taxes

EXPERT REACTION: AIDS epidemic over in Australia 11 July, Scimex

Australia declares AIDS  no longer a public health issue 11 July, Daily Star Lebanon

AIDS epidemic 'over' in Australia, say peak bodies 11 July, Brisbane

AIDS epidemic "over" in Australia, scientists say    11 July, Xinhua      

End Of AIDS  Declared In Australia But HIV Remains An Issue 11 July, QNews         

Australia Announces End of AIDS Epidemic, But HIV Rates Have Been On the Rise 11 July, News Mic Network (US)

Australia declares AIDS no longer public health issue 11 July, Daily Mail

Australia declares AIDS no longer public health issue 11 July, Reuters UK    

Scientists claim AIDS epidemic 'over' in Australia     11 July, Times Of India

The AIDS Epidemic Is “Over” In Australia, Experts Say 11 July, BuzzFeed   

‘Australia’s AIDS Epidemic is Over’ says AFAO, getting PrEP on the PBS is the next challenge 11 July, GNN/SX   

AIDS beaten in Australia, scientists report 10 July, About Croatia   

HELL YEAH: Experts Announce Australia Has Beaten The AIDS Epidemic 10 July, Pedestrian TV   


AFAO CEO Darryl O'Donnell discusses AFAO election survey 27 June, Joy FM

Election 2016: Where do the major parties stand on Australia’s HIV response? 24 June, GNN/SX

AFAO President Bridget Haire discusses Australia's blood donation policy 17 June, 2SER FM

Charlie Sheen Fronts New Condom Campaign 15 June, Woman's Day

UN meeting: progress, but exclusion 14 June, NAPWHA

It's here! PrEP 14 June, Positive Living

Global goals to address HIV/AIDS 10-Jun, Uni of Melbourne


Game-changing HIV drug trial makes gay icon of health minister Jillian Skinner 23 May, Sydney Morning Herald

New HIV drug a game-changer 23 May, Sydney Morning Herald [PRINT, news p. 8]

The HIV fear a 'constant passenger' for some men 23 May, Sydney Morning Herald [PRINT]

Radio interview with AFAO President Bridget Haire re PrEP 22 May, Triple J

Australia Defence Force removes reference to ‘AIDS virus’ 12 May, Star Observer  

HIV PrEP is useless unless subsidised, lobbyists argue 9 May, Pharmacy News

Darryl O'Donnell radio interview re TGA approval of PrEP 9 May, 4EB (QUT Radio

Darryl O'Donnell interview re TGA approval of PrEP 9 May, The Medical Republic  (in press)

Radio interview with Darryl O'Donnell re TGA approval of PrEP 9 May,  'All Things Queer' (RTRFM 92.1, Perth)

PrEP Gains Green Light For Australians 7 May, eikon   

Truvada gets green light in Australia 7 May, GayNZ

TGA approves Truvada as PrEP 6 May, Positive Living

The Kirby Institute at UNSW has welcomed the Therapeutic Goods Administration's approval of antiretroviral drug Truvada as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in Australia 6 May, UNSW Newsroom

PrEP drug gets TGA approval 6 May, Australian Doctor Magazine

TGA approves Truvada for PrEP – next: put it on the PBS, say HIV advocates 6 May, GNN/SX

"Groundbreaking" HIV prevention pill approved by TGA in Australia  6 May,Triple J (The Hack - current affairs)

PrEP drug wasted unless PBS listed 6 May, Australian Journal of Pharmacy    

HIV prevention drug Truvada approved for use as PrEP 6 May, QNews   

PrEP drug wasted unless PBS listed 6 May, Australian Journal of Pharmacy

TGA approves Truvada for PrEP – next: put it on the PBS, say HIV advocates 6 May, GNN/SX


"Groundbreaking" HIV prevention pill approved by TGA in Australia 6 May, The Hack (ABC/Triple J online)

Being PrEPared on HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis 28 April, Medical Republic   

Laughter to raise awareness about PrEP 20 April, Star Observer

#SaveAIVL: Peak body representing drug users saved from closure 14 April, GNN/SX

Highlights from CROI 2016 14 April, GNN/SX   

Health groups welcome addition of new HIV treatment on the PBS 8 April, Star Observer

Circus acrobat jailed for nine years for deliberately infecting his girlfriend with HIV wins appeal after High Court finds he didn't mean to do it - despite having 'frequent unprotected sex with her' 8 April, Daily Mail

Acrobat faces 14 years for HIV infection 7 April, equilibrio informativo

Man convicted of giving partner HIV wins high court challenge 7 April, QNews 

Man found guilty of deliberate HIV transmission wins appeal 6 April, GNN /Gay News Network

HIV acrobat Godfrey Zaburoni wins appeal 6 April, Brisbane Times

Godfrey Zaburoni Case: Queensland Man Who Infected Partner with HIV, Wins High Court Challenge 6 April, Australia Network

HIV advocacy groups welcome Court decision  6 April, Sky News 


Shining a light on women living with HIV 10 March GNN /Gay News Network   

Light shines on WLHIV 9 March, Positive Living


Film: Remembering the Man 27 February, Same Same

Rob Lake Leaves AFAO 26 February, Joy FM

After a risky sexual experience – get PEP 25 February, GNN / Gay News Network   

Remembering the Man 24 February, Arts Review

Darryl O’Donnell appointed as head of AFAO 14 February, Out in Perth

Study shows highs and lows of gay Aussie drug users 12 February, Same Same    

Darryl O’Donnell appointed new AFAO executive director, to replace Rob Lake  9 February, GNN / Gay News Network


"Charlie Sheen went off HIV meds and sought alternative treatment in Mexico: 'So what? I was born dead'" 13 January, NineMSM

Radio interview with Rob Lake re: overseas aid cuts 6 January, Joy FM

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