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History of HIV

In June-July 1981, reports of rare forms of pneumonia and cancer in young gay men in the US marked the beginning of public awareness of the new infectious disease that was identified in 1984 as HIV.

This interactive timeline maps the history of the HIV epidemic with an Australian focus.


Other timelines

Toward 2020: targeting Australia's HIV response A brief timeline of key events and strategies driving Australia's response to HIV.

HIV and Australia: a short history (PDF) AFAO Briefing paper March 2015.

HIV/AIDS Timeline (PDF) Produced by the Albion Centre, this timeline includes commentary on the early history of HIV both internationally and within Australia, emphasising the NSW perspective. It also discusses possible origins of HIV as well as an overview of conspiracy theories.

Kaiser Family Foundation Global HIV/AIDS Timeline Interactive timeline with a US focus but also has global landmarks such as medical and scientific breakthroughs, the beginning of World AIDS Day, celebrity disclosures and deaths, international AIDS conferences and numbers of people estimated to be living with HIV. Includes links to related news coverage and original sources.

Avert AIDS timeline A brief history of key developments in HIV. UK-based.

See also

AFAO's HIV epidemic pages The latest data on HIV in Australia and overseas.

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