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Other health issues for PLHIV

Improvements in HIV therapy are helping people with HIV live longer and more active lives. But living with HIV and taking HIV medications can add to the challenges of maintaining good health.

People with HIV may have additional health problems due to:

  • Lifestyle factors that are more common among people with HIV, such as smoking
  • Side effects of treatments and interactions with other drugs, both medicinal and recreational
  • The effects of HIV on the body, especially if the immune system is suppressed
  • Ageing.

In many cases, the risk of developing these health problems can be reduced by adopting lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and exercising more regularly. It's also important to have regular health checks so that you can address problems early.

The links at left provide information and links related to common health issues for people with HIV.




This page was published on 12 January, 2011

This page was reviewed on 23 December 2015