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No. 4: Women and HIV - behind the data

HIV Australia Vol. 9 No. 4: Women and HIV

HIV Australia
Vol. 9 No. 4

February 2012

This edition of HIV Australia unpacks figures and facts pertaining to the HIV epidemic among women, both in Australia and internationally. Authors explore specific issues that affect the lives of HIV-positive women, and ask why some topics remain under-explored.

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News and commentary

Results from the HIV Australia Reader Survey: "An exellent and informative publication" This article only available online

Women and HIV

Women and HIV in Australia: an overview SALLY CAMERON presents a summary of current statistics on women living with HIV in Australia

Beyond the data: distinct features and experiences of women living with HIV in Australia RACHEL KOELMEYER, KARALYN MCDONALD and JEFFREY GRIERSON shed light on the experiences of women living with HIV in Australia

Women and HIV: 30 years on. Where to from here? JANE COSTELLO explains why female activists are angry about a lack of participation opportunities for HIV-positive women in global responses to HIV

‘You don’t grow another head’: the experience of stigma among HIV-positive women in Australia KARALYN MCDONALD discusses the layers of stigma associated with pregnancy and motherhood experienced by women living with HIV

Experiences of women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds living with HIV: children and parenting HENRIKE KÖRNER presents extracts from interviews with HIV-positive women about the experience of migration, HIV and parenting

Navigating the journey: sharing the stories of HIV-positive women JAMES MAY profiles a new initiative from Positive Women Victoria that explores the value of sharing personal experiences

Women, HIV and ageing: some specific challenges MIA DAWSON highlights the physical and emotional aspects of ageing experienced by HIV-positive women

Anti-trafficking, sex workers’ rights and HIV prevention JULES KIM argues that the global anti-trafficking movement has created an environment that impinges upon sex workers’ rights

Transgender women and HIV: a footnote to the epidemic Abigail Groves examines the history of transgender women and HIV in Australia, finding ‘a paucity of research’

Rethinking ‘equality’: The gendered experience of HIV risk-taking and prosecutions for HIV exposure and transmission SALLY CAMERON explores the reasons behind the disproportionate number of female witnesses in Australian criminal cases involving HIV transmission or exposure

The Hon. Kay Hull, MP: a champion for the partnership response to HIV GRAHAM BROWN and SENATOR LOUISE PRATT pay tribute to the work of a political stalwart

The changing face of HIV in South Australia PAM PRICE provides a summary of issues raised by women living with HIV from CALD backgrounds living in South Australia, drawn from community forums conducted by The HIV women's program at Women's health State wide  in 2011. This article only available online


Web Watch UN Women: gender equality and HIV/AIDS

Book Review: 100 dolls, countless hearts - stories of childhood from multicultural Australia JILL SERGEANT discovers how the Uthando Project is crafting a response to HIV

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