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Vol. 13 Number 2: New horizons

HIVA-13-2-horizons-coverHIV Australia

July 2015

Expanded horizons for HIV treatment and prevention

This edition of HIV Australia explores the changing landscape of HIV treatment and prevention in the light of new understandings about early treatment, treatment as prevention (TasP) and pre-exposure-prophylaxis (PrEP). Read more ...

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In Memoriam

In memoriam: Alan Brotherton Michael Hurley farewells an old friend and stalwart of the global HIV response, paying tribute to his work and life philosophies


An early START: major study finds early HIV treatment is best Bill Whittaker reflects on the long debate about when to start HIV treatment, at a pivotal moment in the HIV response

Biomedical prevention: rhetoric and reality Susan Kippax unpacks the real world implications of treatment as prevention research, noting an important distinction between ‘efficacy’ and ‘effectiveness’

Promoting treatment for HIV prevention Sean Slavin explores the impact of treatment as prevention on health promotion, canvassing the views of people from Australian HIV organisations and other health experts

PrEP is a key HIV prevention strategy, but how do we chart its success? Clovis Palmer provides a round-up of current research and debates on PrEP and HIV prevention, and says that current limitations can be used as a guide to improve its implementation

PrEP: a GP’s perspective Fiona Bisshop addresses some common concerns about PrEP and explains that it’s easy to manage with the support of your GP

PrEP works, so how come we are still doing research on it? Bridget Haire calls for expanded PrEP access in Australia and announces a new research project which will examine how PrEP is perceived and used by sexually active gay men in Sydney

Off-label: the changing boundaries of prevention Dean Murphy looks at the growing trend of personal PrEP importation in Australia and considers the multiple representations of biomedical prevention

Gay and bisexual men’s attitudes to antiretroviral-based prevention Martin Holt discusses research showing conflicting views and beliefs about biomedical prevention among Australian gay and bisexual men

Why might some people with HIV feel concerned about using treatment as prevention? Christy Newman, John de Wit, Asha Persson, Martin Holt, Limin Mao, Sean Slavin and Michael Kidd share the perspectives of people with HIV who are not currently using HIV treatment

Strength in numbers: The Institute of Many (TIM) Nic Holas explains how ‘an experiment in community organising’ has become a major network and advocacy platform for people living with HIV

Biomedical prevention of HIV and sex workers Cameron Cox, Joel Falcon and Gemma Keegan outline sex workers’ concerns about the potential for coercive approaches to biomedical prevention

Microbicides and HIV prevention in women: the state of research Jennifer Power says that disappointing microbicide trial results among women to date are a reflection of HIV stigma and the complex realities of women’s lives

Understanding the promise of biomedical prevention for couples of mixed HIV status: workshop report Christy Newman, Asha Persson, Graham Brown, Jeanne Ellard and Ben Bavinton look at how treatment as prevention is liberating serodiscordant couples from discourses of risk

Is PrEP a realistic and ethical intervention for people who inject drugs? Chris Gough says evidence about the benefits of PrEP for people who inject drugs is lacking


International update Don’t leave communities behind: developing a new Global Fund strategy

Book review Through Our Eyes: Thirty years of people living with HIV responding to the HIV and AIDS epidemics in Australia Michael Frommer reads up on the history of HIV/AIDS activism in Australia

Health promotion update Get PEP Ben Wilcock profiles an important new health promotion campaign for gay men and other men who have sex with men

Regional Feature PrEParing Asia and the Pacific: APCOM regional consultations on PrEP By Ben Bradstreet, Midnight Poonkasetwatana and Matthew Vaughan



This page was published on 06 July, 2015