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Vol. 13 Number 1: Toward 2020

Black and white target with red centre. headine reads: Towards 2020: Is Australia on track to meet its targets? HIV Australia

April 2015

This edition of HIV Australia looks at the impact of target-setting on Australia’s policy response to HIV.

Contributors examine the target-driven commitments and strategies steering us toward 2020 with the aim of virtually eliminating HIV transmission in Australia. Read more ...

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Target-setting: Australia and the global context A note from the editors

Communities, policies and the enabling environment Ian Muchamore

Measuring HIV-based discrimination and human rights abuses: why bother? Sally Cameron

Beyond combination prevention: understanding community-based prevention as a complex system Daniel Reeders and Graham Brown

Unlocking the medicine cabinet Kathy Petoumenos and Aaron Cogle

Impetus for change? The importance of targets and regulatory reform to ending HIV Karen Price and Nicolas Parkhill

Infection or detection? Mediating the message of increased testing Andrew Burry

Australian women and the 90-90-90 targets: what does the data tell us? Jennifer Power

How can we set targets without the evidence? Achieving recognition for all women living with HIV in Australia Alison Boughey, Autumn Pierce and Michelle Wesley

Human rights, race and sexuality in the Pacific: regarding others as ourselves Michael Kirby

Imagining an Australia with PrEP Heath Paynter

Drug policy and criminalisation: more harm than good Ele Morrison

Decriminalisation of sex work: the evidence is in Jules Kim, Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association

HIV and the law in Victoria: the competing demands of public health and criminal justice Heath Paynter

The critical role of community mobilisation in meeting targets James Gray and Brent Mackie

HIV and mobility in Australia: road map for action Gemma Crawford, Roanna Lobo and Graham Brown


In memoriam: Timothy Moore, 1964–2014 Tim Leach and Lou McCallum


Health promotion update: The Bottom Line: HPV, gay men and anal cancer Ben Wilcock

Regional feature: The United Nations hosts Asia Pacific Governments and Civil Society: a regional HIV and AIDS response and the post-2015 development agenda James Malar

Book review: Male Sex Work and Society Reviewed by Cameron Cox

This page was published on 20 March, 2015