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Vol.11 No. 2: Managing co-existing health conditions

HIV Australia 11.2: Living well with HIV: Managing co-existing health conditionsHIV Australia

June 2013

This edition of HIV Australia examines health conditions that can sometimes occur alongside HIV. Articles discuss prevention and treatment, emerging research, and outline ways that HIV-positive people can minimise risk factors and proactively manage co-existing health conditions.

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It’s never too early to take control BEN WILCOCK highlights a new interactive health resource for people with HIV

Bone health and HIV HILA HASKELBERG outlines a range of bone-related health conditions, discussing proactive steps HIV-positive people can take to maintain optimal bone health

An elephant in the room? Anal cancer and people with HIV JASON ONG explains that being alert to potential symptoms and having an annual check-up can minimise the risks of anal cancer

Ageing with HIV in Victoria: findings from a qualitative study KARALYN MCDONALD, JULIAN ELLIOTT and LISE SUAGERES report on key study findings exploring the impacts of ageing and chronic disease on people with HIV

HIV, mental health and stigma: a brief survey of current research JASON ABBPLEBY summarises recent research examining the intersection of HIV and mental health

QLife: Keeping our LGBTI Communities Connected This article only available online
FINN O'KEEFE reports on the launch of a national mental health counselling service for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people

Chronic illness and co-morbidities for African Australians living with HIV CHRIS LEMOH looks at health challenges experienced by African Australians

Action on hepatitis C: new drugs, new resources FINN O’KEEFE profiles developments in hepatitis C treatment and health promotion

HIV and hepatitis C co-infection: can we avert another epidemic in Australia by acting fast? DAVID PIEPER says it’s time to address the silence surrounding the sexual transmission of hepatitis C

Testing for hepatitis C as a sexually transmissible infection: understanding health practitioners’ knowledge and attitudes SOENKE TREMPER and GUY HUSSEY outline survey results that give insight into GPs’ perspectives on hepatitis C transmission among HIV-positive men who have sex with men

Cardiovascular disease, smoking and HIV: findings from the HealthMap qualitative study KARALYN MCDONALD and JULIAN ELLIOTT examine the link between smoking and heart disease for people with HIV, and discuss HIV-positive people’s attitudes towards smoking

Gay men and anal cancer MARY POYNTEN and ANDREW GRULICH explore the connection between the human papillomavirus (HPV) and anal cancer among gay men, highlighting findings from
the SPANC study

Neurocognition and HIV REBEKAH PULS provides an overview of research into the impact of various antiretroviral regimes on cognitive function for people with HIV

Chronic kidney disease in people with HIV: a review of recent developments in Australia DAVID GRACEY discusses why monitoring kidney health is important for HIV-positive people


Regional feature: Kapul Champions: a proud new voice in Papua New Guinea By MATTHEW TYNE

Book review: HIV prevention and bisexual realities by Viviane Namaste, et al. (2012) ABIGAIL GROVES investigates the erasure of bisexuals in HIV prevention and health promotion

This page was published on 01 July, 2013