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Vol. 11 No. 3: Respect and resilience

Shaping the response to HIV and STIs among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Painting by Arone MeeksHIV Australia

October 2013

Editorial - Guest editors James Ward and Michael Costello

Throughout this edition of HIV Australia we feature a selection of artworks by internationally-renowned artist Arone Meeks. Read more ...

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this magazine may contain images or names of people who have passed away.

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands we operate on across Australia. AFAO pays tribute to Indigenous Elders past and present – particularly to the Elders who have assisted in producing this edition of HIV Australia.

We also pay tribute to community members who have so generously participated in the research described in this magazine.

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 Original artworkWhat’s happening for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in relation to health service access, risk behaviours and knowledge of sexually transmissible infections and blood borne viruses: findings from the GOANNA study by James Ward, Joanne Bryant, Heather Worth, John Kaldor, Dea Delaney-Thiele, Marian Pitts, Dy Kelaart, Elizabeth Moore, Sallie Cairnduff, Sidney Williams, Peter Waples-Crowe, Kat Byron, Andrew Bamblett, Sarah Betts and Tony Coburn on behalf of the GOANNA study team

More work is required to reduce sexually transmissible infections in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities by James Ward, Andrew Nakhla, Melanie Middleton, Ann McDonald and Rebecca Guy

STRIVE: making a difference for sexual health in remote Aboriginal communities by John Kaldor, James Ward, Rebecca Guy and Alice Rumbold on behalf of the STRIVE team

Living positively: Neville’s story by Neville Fazulla

The Anwernekenhe journey by Michael Costello

Our Destiny Haz Arrived: a national HIV prevention and testing campaign for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gay men and sistergirls by Michael Costello

Promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gay men and sistergirl sexual health in Queensland: The 2 Spirits program by Michael Scott

Us mob: gar’ban’djee’lum network by Dion Tatow

PATSIN: the Positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network by Ian Saunders

Ngalawi Djardi ‘Sit & Yarn’: ACON Health Retreat for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Living with HIV ACON reports on its successful retreat program

Original artworkCelebrating strength: the role of resilience in responding to blood borne viruses and sexually transmitted infections among Indigenous communities by Maurice Shipp, Edward Wilkes, John Kaldor and Dennis Gray

Live deadly stronger and longer: Ask for a Test by the Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council

The management of people with HIV who place others at risk (POAR): implications for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by Natasha Pavlin

HIV risk practices among Indigenous Australian and Anglo-Australian gay and bisexual men by Toby Lea and Martin Holt

Findings from the Queensland Injecting Drug Survey (QuIDS): comparing hepatitis C risk behaviours among Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who inject drugs by Abhilash Dev, Robert Kemp, James Ward, Suzanna Henderson, Sidney Williams, Andrew Smirnov, Maria Plotnikova and Jake M Najman

Stigma and discrimination won’t bring us down! by the Scarlet Alliance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Inclusion Working Party

Original artworkThink About the Choices You Make: creating a culturally appropriate sexual health promotion DVD for young Aboriginal people by Laura Jenkins, Marnie Britton, Kate Green, Christine Edwards, Graham Smith, Karen Nairn and Karen Gillham

Connecting with youth: how arts-based health campaigns are engaging young Aboriginal people in NSW by Matthew Rodgers

Mind The Gap: addressing HIV and STIs among young people in rural and regional areas by Ann-Marie Roberts

What is the role of HIV and STI point-of-care tests in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities? by James Ward, Lisa Natoli, Louise Causer, John Kaldor and Rebecca Guy on behalf of the TTANGO Investigator Team

Treatment as prevention: what’s required to make this a relevant strategy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities? by James Ward


Regional Feature: Nothing about us without us! HIV and Indigenous peoples by Marama Pala (Ngatiawa Iwi)

Book review: Condoman and Lubelicious Reviewed by Neville Fazulla


Vale Malcolm Leech

This page was published on 11 October, 2013