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Fact sheets

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Gay Men & HIV Disclosure

Information for gay men about HIV disclosure and the law, as well as suggestions that may make disclosure more manageable.

Published: 01/10/2014PDF File - 245.3 KB
AFAO fact sheets

Fact sheet: Age of consent in Australia

This factsheet outlines the relevant laws for each state and territory and also defences to the specific criminal charges.

Published: 25/09/2014PDF File - 160.1 KB
Fact sheet

Factsheet: working with your doctor

This factsheet talks about ways to get the most out of your time with your doctor, and help get you to the best outcomes for managing your health care.

Published: 15/03/2013PDF File - 268.7 KB

Factsheet: Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV)

How to prevent, test for and treat LGV, a sexually transmissible infection caused by rare types of the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis.

Published: 15/03/2013PDF File - 1.4 MB
Fact sheet

Factsheet: When to start treatment

Things to consider when deciding to start treatment include your CD4 count, viral load, your age, other health issues, and whether or not you are planning to have children. ARCHIVED - some information may be out of date.

Published: 15/03/2013PDF File - 265.2 KB
Fact Sheet

Reproductive options for HIV-positive men

This fact sheet is for HIV -positive men who are considering — or interested in — having children using their own sperm. It is intended to be inclusive of all HIV -positive men regardless of sexuality or relationship status.

Published: 15/07/2012PDF File - 2.3 MB

Factsheet: Gay men and syphilis

Info about symptoms, transmission, prevention, testing, treatment and the health inplications of untreated syphilis.

Published: 30/06/2012PDF File - 356.1 KB

Factsheet: HIV and Hepatitis C

Information for people with HIV about Hepatitis C transmission, testing, treatment, and living with chronic hepatitis. Includes referrals for info and support.

Published: 30/06/2012PDF File - 387.4 KB

Information for Heterosexual People Living with HIV

This fact sheet is designed to provide heterosexuals living with HIV with some basic information, to tell you where to find out more, and let you know where to go for support. ARCHIVED - some information may be out of date.

Published: 07/04/2010PDF File - 601.6 KB

Common Tests

"To better understand the impact that HIV is having on your health and body your doctor may carry out various blood tests. The information that these tests provide can help you and your doctor make decisions about the way you manage HIV infection.

Published: 01/01/2010PDF File - 298.7 KB

Undetectable Viral Load & Risk of HIV Transmission: The 'Swiss Statement'

This factsheet addresses the relationship between HIV treatments, viral load levels, and the risk of sexual transmission of HIV, in the context of the 2008 'Swiss Statement'. ARCHIVED - some information may be out of date.

Published: 01/12/2009PDF File - 460.5 KB

The Importance of Giving up Smoking for People with HIV

If you are HIV positive, stopping smoking is the single most important step you can take to improve your health. This factsheet is designed to inform people living with HIV (PLHIV) of the particular impact smoking can have on your health, and provide you with some tools to assist you in giving up and remaining ‘smoke free’ for the rest of your life.

Published: 01/12/2009PDF File - 305.4 KB

Information on Viral Load Testing & What the Results Mean

For HIV-infected people who have never been on treatment, viral load is a very good predictor of their chance of developing. This factsheet explains viral load testing and monitoring. ARCHIVED - some information may be out of date

Published: 01/07/2009PDF File - 399.0 KB
Fact sheet

Gay Men's Guide to Sexual Health Checks

Information about looking after your sexual health.

Published: 01/07/2009PDF File - 179.9 KB

Information on Adherence & Hints to Help Manage Your HIV Medications

Adherence to your HIV treatment regimen means taking all your medications at the right time, in the right doses and in the right way.

Published: 01/07/2009PDF File - 203.7 KB

Dangerous Liaisons

Dangerous Liaisons also contains information about known or potential interactions between HIV treatment drugs and recreational or other prescription drugs. ARCHIVED - some information may be out of date

Published: 02/04/2002PDF File - 476.8 KB

You may be ready to party, but your drugs still need to work

If you’re considering taking a temporary break from HIV drugs because you’re planning to party, here’s some things to think about first. ARCHIVED - some information may be out of date

Published: 02/04/1998PDF File - 140.7 KB