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There is a wealth of information about HIV/AIDS on this website. This section is designed to help you find the info you want.

Please only email your questions to us as a last resort, because we cannot respond to large numbers of inquiries.

Using the site

1.  Many of your questions may be easily answered by referring to these pages:

Frequently Asked Questions | Safe Sex | Safe Drug Use | The HIV Epidemic

2.  If these don't provide the information you want, we suggest that you use the Search engine (above right) to locate articles, links and resources that are relevant to your study questions

3.  If you are looking for print resources, take a look at:
  •  The Library which contains PDFs of our pamphlets, posters, policy documents and links to campaign websites
  • HIV Australia, our quarterly journal.

4.  Our links section has excellent links to sites both in Australia and internationally. Check them out - other sites may have the specific information you want

5.  If you're seeking information on international, legal or policy issues, go to the what we do or news pages

6.  Interested in volunteering overseas? Check out our volunteering page

7.  AFAO cannot provide interviews or locate HIV positive people for you to interview, however some of our member organisations will provide HIV positive speakers for schools and other community groups for a fee. Contact your local PLHIV Organisation or AIDS Council and ask if they have a Positive Speakers Bureau.


This page was published on 12 January, 2011