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People with HIV

There is a lot of information for people living with HIV on this site. This can be found in the Living with HIV section. The pages in this section cover a broad range of topics.

You might have been recently diagnosed with HIV and looking for more information. Or you might be interested in finding out more about HIV treatments, or how to monitor your health. You could be looking for information on diet and exercise, getting older with HIV, or other information about living well. Or perhaps you want to take a trip somewhere and want to know about advice for travelling.

Partners, family and friends of people living with HIV can also find information in this section.

There is information on all of these and many more topics in Living with HIV. Each section has helpful information, links to helpful resources and in some cases links to external sites on the topic.

You can also access all of our resources through the Library.

This page was published on 12 January, 2011

This page was reviewed on 3 November 2015