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The HIV epidemic

Globally, around 37 million people are infected with HIV and in Australia, an estimated 27,150 people are living with HIV.

Collecting data on HIV infections (known as 'HIV surveillance') is an essential first step towards understanding the scope and nature of the HIV epidemic at both a local and global level.

Analysis of this data helps governments and non-government organisations develop evidence-based responses to HIV.

In Australia, HIV data is collected at diagnosis in each state and territory and analysed by the Kirby Institute for infection and immunity in society. An annual report on their findings is released each year at the national HIV conference.

Globally, HIV data is analysed by the United Nations Program on AIDS (UNAIDS) and released in the form of regular country, regional and global reports.

Information in this section is drawn from these reports.

A summary of HIV statistics in Australia

Asia and the Pacific

The Global picture

Links to information about social research findings




This page was published on 15 October, 2012

This page was reviewed on 14 April 2016