HIV Treatment

HIV Treatment

HIV treatments ensure that an HIV positive person’s immune system is healthy and reduces the risk of disease advancement associated with HIV so they can live a long and healthy life – no different to someone who does not have HIV. HIV treatments suppress the levels of HIV (viral load) in a person’s blood and other bodily fluids, in almost all cases to ‘undetectable’ levels.

In recent years, a number of trials (HPTN052PARTNER, and the Australian study Opposites Attract) have confirmed that TasP is effective at preventing HIV transmission. In these studies there was no cases of HIV transmission among heterosexual and gay couples where one partner was HIV-positive and the other negative (serodiscordant), where the HIV-positive partner’s viral load was undetectable. This means that there is ZERO risk of HIV transmission from someone on HIV treatment with an undetectable viral load.

Treatment is most effective when taken as soon as possible after a positive diagnosis. The START Study has returned evidence that confirms the benefits of starting antiretroviral treatment immediately after diagnosis.

There are a variety of HIV treatments available, and the decisions about starting treatment and what treatments to take should always be done in consultation with a doctor with expertise in HIV management. Find out more information on the HIV Test & Treatments  website.

People living with HIV may have additional health conditions – for more information about these other health conditions, visit the Your Body Blueprint website.