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Safe sex is any sexual activity that prevents semen, vaginal fluid, rectal fluid or blood from entering the bloodstream of another person.

Condoms can be used with water-based or silicone-based lubricant to prevent these fluids from entering the body during vaginal or anal sex.


Tips for using condoms

These tips will reduce the chances of condoms breaking or slipping off:

  1. Always check the date on the packet. Don't use condoms that are past their use-by date

  2. Store your condoms out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Keeping one in your wallet is always a good idea, but this can cause the condom to get hot or squashed and weaken the latex. Replace any condoms in your wallet if they have been there for a while

  3. Be careful if using your teeth to open a packet as this can sometimes rip the condom. Try gently pushing the condom to the side of the packet away from your teeth when opening it. Also, avoid accidentally scratching the condom with your nails when you’re putting it on

  4. Pull back the foreskin if you’re uncut (uncircumcised)

  5. Before trying to roll a condom onto a cock, make sure that you've got it the right way around

  6. Your cock should be hard (erect) before putting the condom on

  7. Squeeze and hold the teat part of the condom and place it on the head of the erect cock. For a bit of extra sensation try adding a little bit of lube to the head of the cock or the teat of the condom before putting the condom on

  8. Unroll the condom the full length of the cock, right down to the base, without stretching it. If the type of condom you are using doesn't unroll to the base of your cock, you should try to use a larger condom

  9. Most condoms come already lubricated, but this is usually not enough lubricant for anal sex. Apply plenty of water-based or silicon-based lubricant to both the cock and arse before fucking. Using plenty of lube will make fucking more enjoyable

  10. After you've cum and before your cock goes soft, hold on to the condom at the base of the cock when pulling out

  11. Holding the teat gently slide the condom off your cock. The teat should hold most of the cum



  • Condoms are for single-use only!

  • If in a group sex session, use a new condom for every new partner

  • Use condoms if sharing sex toys. Put a new condom on the toy any time it is going from one playmate to another


 Condom breakages are usually caused by:

  • using oil-based lubes instead of water-based or silicon-based ones (Vaseline or baby oil weakens latex)
  • not using enough water-based or silicon-based lube, especially if you are fucking hard or for a long time (Check the condom occasionally, put a new one on every so often, and add more lube regularly)
  • using a condom that is too tight (Guys with thick cocks should avoid stretching condoms to fit. Try a larger sized condom)
  • damaged condoms (Take care with fingernails and teeth when opening the packet)
  • pierced cocks (Certain types of genital piercing can increase the likelihood of condom breakages. Check the condom often to make sure it hasn’t split, apply lube to the piercing—before you put the condom on—and use a thicker condom)
  • using old or heat-damaged condoms (Check the condom's use-by date and store them carefully away from heat)



Condom slippages are usually caused by:

  • not using enough lube

  • lube being put on the shaft of the cock before the condom goes on (Some guys like to put a drop of lube on the head of their cock or in the teat of the condom to increase sensitivity, but this can sometimes result in the condom slipping off during sex)

  • condoms being too big or too small

  • not rolling the condom all the way down to the base of the cock

  • not withdrawing soon after cumming: you should pull out while your cock is still hard
  • losing your hard-on while fucking

This page was published on 12 January, 2011

This page was reviewed on 8 December 2015